Software Development Firm Needs a Professional Logo

This process was a lot of fun for all of us at Tranera. We received high quality design submissions for our logo and through a process of collaboration with the whole design community were able to acquire a logo we feel very confident in. Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to the winner!

$375 paid

178 custom designs

48pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #176 by Innerscape, Logo Design for Software Development Firm Needs a Professional Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Innerscape

Project description

At this point, we are looking for a logo design but will eventually need marketing collateral designs. We envision, but are not committed to, the idea that a logo will have a graphic as well as incorporation of the Tranera name, in a horizontal format.

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  • I like your thought process of morphing the T into an icon - our team agrees that an eagle isn't the right direction, but nice thought. Would you work on some alternatives? Keep in mind we are an information company in the realm of property rights. Thanks!
  • Would you revise in some blues for us? Also play with the t in the graphic? Nice submission - very clean.
  • Very clever, we think it might be a little busy. Very unique and we are impressed, the font is cool.
  • This also looks nice - potentially more graphically applicable because we work with data and not hardware. Would you work on a couple of variations along this line for us?
  • Would you revise this with some blues, potentially colors similar to your first submission? Nice.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • No backgrounds allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Dear Contest Holder, I have submited my entry for you ( #7) It is just a concept at this stage. Ive made an "T" in the shape of an eagle and personalized the text. Thankyou, Hoffa.
  • your entry is too close to another designers idea/concept
  • Greetings Contest Holder, Thankyou for your feedback :) I have submited new entries that hopefully suite your taste. #43 T out of negative space #36 4 arrows or 4 "T"s #37 T-star :) Hoffa.
  • electricbill - if the CH has asked for more revisions but you don't have credits, please contact support. YOu should have one more revision now. Thanks
  • #102 is the revision of #73. accordance with your request, # 102 appears in the display blue. possibly with a dark blue color will look more sweet .. thank you very much for your feedback,
  • dear areiter, I have sent the logo again for your revision permintaas, and I've made ​​a collection letter T became more rounded with the words "TRANERA" My little larger as you requested. 1. #96 >>> a collection letter T is still not unanimous 2. #98, #100, #101>>> a collection letter T has been rounded to the display of red, orange and blue strong. thank you very much for your feedback, greetings successful logART
  • dear areiter, before I say a big thank you for your feedback. on the request you want to see the display in the color orange, red and blue are strong, I'll send it immediately. for the blue color of the #75 earlier if I could send back what does not? Thank you very much greetings successful logART
  • We like this concept very much but would like to see a revision that gets away from the circuit board graphics.
  • This looks very clean
  • The red in #86 looks very nice
  • Along with the oranges, will you produce some options in a deep red and some stronger blue? I just keep adding requests. Thanks again.
  • I mistakenly deleted the blue version without "development" in the text. Sorry about that. My last requests are still valid - we still really like this design option.
  • electricbill, if you know how to request an override of the 7 upload limit, I'll be happy to do that. I've been playing with this site and can't find any obvious functionality for it.