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Winning design #121 by hollander, Logo Design for Soileater Contest
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designed by hollander

Project description

I am looking for a logo that will go along with my brand "Soileater", My company designs and sews Tactical gear for Law Enforcement, Military and Civilians. This gear is (soft goods) such as plate carriers, armor carriers / chest rigs / medical gear holders and other sewn equipment. You can view my current website at for a better understanding.

The font I have chosen for my company name is "againts" which I downloaded from ""

I would an independent logo that can stand alone and also one that would be incorporated with the full Soileater name. I have an idea of a Crow / Raven maybe grabbing the "S" in the name Soileater as the logo but would like the crow to also be able to be independent from the full Soileater name logo. 

I am not 100% on a Crow and I am open to other ideas and objects. The more unique the better.

I would like the logo to be all one color with minimal detail / layers so I can create vinyl stickers which will look good being only one color. Same goes for T-Shirts. 
I like the idea of the Crow / Raven and I like how some of the "ink" style artwork is. 

I will attach some other companies logos that I like due to the simplicity as well as some ink logos of a crow.  

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  • change to rgb color #126
  • I want to fly to see the world #124
  • dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #120
  • also the "r" still has some spots in the letter, could you make it solid like the other letters? #113
  • could you also do another circle logo on a t-shirt like you did earlier, with the S and around the circle have it say Soileater Gear, not tactical gear?
  • Could you make the crows beak look a little more like #79's? #113
  • is there a way you could make the bear a little thicker like a crow? like #92's beak
  • how about this one? #103
  • I hope you like it #101
  • Greetings, ok. In the same way, please send me any other suggestions, thanks
  • Could you make the Crow face the other direction and get rid of "tactical gear" thanks #32
  • Could you make the Crow look the other direction? #81
  • Could you make the Crow looking the other direction? #81
  • please check it and feedback #90
  • please check it and feedback #89
  • bullet and pinhole #72
  • Bullets that pierce the pinhole. #71
  • I like the crow as the hollow space for the S a lot, I don’t want “tactical gear” on the name.
    Is there a way you could maybe make the S a very subtle worm? #12
    • @Soileaterllc Thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry, I did not quite understand your expression "make the S a very subtle worm" what do you mean? Make "S" thinner? about “tactical gear” no problem

    • @Soileaterllc Please check #45

    • @hollander I really like it. Could you fill in the marks on the S so its a solid color? there are a few black lines in it.

    • @Soileaterllc Please check #67 and the option with a needle in the beak #68

  • LETTER S #63