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Winning design #174 by Hoffmeyer, Logo Design for Solar Glo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Hoffmeyer

Project description

Solar Glo is a custom air brush tanning studio Our target audience is any one, of all ages who desire a healthy UV free tan. Understand the benefits of UV free tanning for anti aging, or anyone who wants an immediate tan

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  • What do you think of #20 #23 #37 CH? Would you like me to change some things up? let me know! :)
  • Hello Entry #4 I definitely wanted to create something instantly recognizable and really summery! I am definitely willing to make any and all changes to complete the direction you'd like. Thanks.
  • Would you like any more changes to #87 and/or #88? Thanks for your feedback!
    • #88, what would it look like if the "S" had a slight 3D effect?

    • submitted #94. I can go more 3D if you want, add the 3d effect to the solar sun and/or add a drop shadow.

    • could you take the original of #88 and just add a drop shadow to it without the 3d?

    • Of course, to just the 's' or everything in orange?

    • Submitted #100. If you decide to go with my design I can provide you with all the variations (i.e. gradient, non-gradient, drop shadow, & 3D effect) I submitted as well if you're having a tough time choosing.

    • Could I see this in a bronze color instead of the orange?

    • Submission #154 & #155 is a bronze variation of #100.

    • Also submitted #168 if you prefer all cursive letters. Submitted #174 with a cursive variation. slightly bolder text and the gradient is made to where the light is fading from the solar rays as well a B&W version. I can apply the gradient to the standard text as well if you want. I also have noticed many have been copying my design :(

    • Hey CH, I see that you like my newest submission #174 better than the ones I submitted before. I can provide both variations for you (file wise) if you want. Thank you for your feedback.

    • Congratulations and Thank you for creating such an awesome Logo for my business. Looking forward to working with you on finalizing the project!

  • hi Ch, any brief suggestion for #134??? thanks.....
    • |--|

      Keosh {*wrote*}:
      hi Ch, any brief suggestion for #134??? thanks.....
      |--| I like #160. Can I see it with a black background with the text color as a brighter color gradient, similar to design entry #87. So that the color goes brighter to lighter to brighter again. Or something like that. Hope this makes sense.


  • hello ch have posted #163 any feedback appreciated seen that you were looking for a bronze look hope this is what you were looking for
  • Hello jennifer i have posted #148 any feedback would be appreciated thank you for your time
  • Dear Jennifer, please check my design artworks:#143,#145. I hope you like them. Thanks.
  • Hi CH, Submitted design #144. Kindly, give your feedback. Thanks
  • Hello jennifer, I just uploaded some designs #125 #124 and #120,a feedback would be great thanks, hope you like em
  • HI CH, I submitted #121 and #123, I hope you like it. I would like to hear your opinion about it
  • Hi CH, Please check my entry, #119 Hope you like it. Thanks & Godbless......
  • Hi Jennifer, i sent you 2 similar logos in one #106 cause i don't know why i can only upload 3 logos. Probably because i am new, no? Have a nice day.
  • your entry is too much like another entry 15
  • I've just realized the error on the last two that I submitted; my apologies. I corrected them and re-uploaded.
  • Hi. I submitted #103. Any feedback on the same? Thank you!
  • About #90 Anyway I can make this more to your liking? Thank you.
    • A little more asymmetry, color gradient.

    • I submitted #101. Would you like any other changes? Thank you!!

  • Hello CH. I have submitted #95 and #96. I hope it is to your liking. Thanks, Paul
  • hello, my design #7 is unique compared to the others. i was just wondering what you like/dislike about it, and what improvements could be made to it? thanks for your time.
    • I do like your design, the bottom one the best our of the 3. I feel its a little "blockie" for what I'm wanting. Something more "artsy" if you will more like #88. I appreciate your enthusiasm and idea behind the logo!

  • Hey there, so far this is my favorite design! Although I would like to see this with a brighter color gradient, similar to one of the other design entries. So that the color goes brighter to lighter to brighter again. Or something like that. Hope this makes sense. Thank you!
    • also instead of "spray tanning" could you put "Custom Air Brush Tanning"

    • Yes, will have you those changes in a minute, do you want the orange colors or bronzes?

  • hello ch i have posted #78 any feedback appreciated thank you for your time