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Winning design #154 by kickcraft, Logo Design for Sole Junction Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kickcraft

Project description

Sole Junction is a boutique shoe store that offers name brand athletic and casual/lifestyle brands.  The store blends a modern/industrial design (athletic side) with an earthy decor (casual/lifestyle side). The athletic side of the store presents the shoes on a brick wall with metal shelving. The Lifestyle/Casual side of the store presents shoes on custom reclaimed wood shelving.   

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  • A Vintage Style. May be You like this.Thank You. #275
  • A Vintage Style. Thank You. #274
  • A Vintage Style. Thank You. #273
  • kindly check this thanks #268
  • Hi
    Please find the attached logo #256
  • Here' s another approach. Hope im on track. Goodluck #255
  • About #235, @rockinslim make a feedback please.. thank you
  • Two upside down soles forming the letters "S" & "J". Thank You. #253
  • how about this one CH, I incorporated a J. #223
  • How about this one SIr? #222
  • How about this color Sir? Do you like it? #202
    • @kickcraft Can you make the J in the monogram section Blue again. Then in the "Sole Junction" make the O blue. We kind of wanted it to be Black blue and grey. But maybe Gray and blue will work.

  • Design revisions and mockup. Hope im still on track. Good luck. :-) #212
    • @intechnology In the symbol your using. Is there a way to incorporate a more "SJ" in it? I can make out and S possibly but no J. Also Can you show me another font in the "Sole Junction" Something modern and even more toned down? Thank you.

  • About #167, @nikedesigns We like what your are doing here. Can we see a more modern simple font. Also maybe implementing a shoe or footprint.
  • About #193, @tbobby We like the creativeness of your designs. Can you take a try at doing a SJ type emblem to start and then the word Sole Junction following? Also if the SJ can be in a shape of a foot or resemble one.
  • About #195, @springart We like the original design, But can you give us some options in font and where the foot is? Maybe it can be inside the O of Sole.
  • About #171, @shyjaldesign Can we see this flat not in 3D. We want a more simpler font that is more modern and elegant. We also liked the SJ emblem that looked like a shoe but wanted you t play arround with the Font and format of that.
  • About #154, @kickcraft We like the SJ in #154 better. My partner would like to see a grey version of this instead of blue. Can you show me how that would look. Also send me another choice in colorscheme.
  • About #173, @intechnology We liked the other logo better. For the font with Sole Junction can you make it more of a modern simple font. We dont want to look too techie. More for a modern boutique.
  • Winning Logo #159
    • @Abhijitkar I like this. Can you show me it as a regular logo (not on side of building) and with a more simple elegant font for the"Sole Junction"

  • I'm sorry, I just saw the contest. and it turns out you extend the time of the contest .. How about my new designs Sir? #162
    • @kickcraft I think you have the font down for "sole junction" can you give me some other simple elegant ides for the SJ section?