Solid TV Mount brand needs logo that shows strength

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Winning design #367 by andreahuerta, Logo Design for Solid TV Mount brand needs logo that shows strength Contest
Gold Medal

designed by andreahuerta

Project description

Our goal is a clean, bold and simple logo design that can be used in print, full colour packaging, online and in B/W versions frequently. TITAN will be primarily an online brand, but the physical product will be delivered to the consumer, and the logo must survive treatments throughout the marketing and packaging. Shown as "TITAN mounts" in the Company Name, I simply intend to convey that TITAN is the key word, with mounts secondary. Please keep in mind that there will also be a desire to use the TITAN logo separately, so too much integration between the two words is not necessary. A graphical logo-mark of some sort would be great - above, before, below, integrated with the TITAN somehow - always keeping in mind the clean, bold, simple B/W requirement - will it print well on a cardboard box at about 4" wide and larger?

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  • Third slot works. Screw head works (but could still be a better screw head). The taller T feels forced......
  • 49 is better. Thanks for all the variants though!!!
  • This has really good potential - VERY simple and indicative of the what we do. The gradient is unnecessary, and the kerning needs help - three people said the first three letters were separate from the rest.
  • The cerrated T's need more definition. The A as arrow is cool, but...... look at how the three letters to the left stand out.
  • Rage against the machine
  • Rage against the machine
  • Rage against the machine
  • A colleague's reaction: "Female alien"
  • best of your three (70, 69). Looks most like a TV. Stylized in a good way. Not sure where to take it. How to incorporate MOUNTS?
  • sunrise?
  • Ch, i worked a bit on the screw on some later submissions. I can most definetly work on improvements no issues there. Just let me know if you would like me to do that. See #90 and #91. I took the image a bit further......
  • best of your three (78, 73). Like MOUNTS in the bottom, need to work on the slots and screws a bit. The A might disturb me a bit.
  • sorry, no connection
  • Like 56 better (colour)
  • gone too far - mounts on the i.
  • Like it, really like the screw head. Not sure where to take it. Right weight, simple, bold. Somehow, not fabulous.
  • other is better
  • other is better
  • Your other is better
  • Better than 59. The logo mark is quite intriguing. Not sure about the bottom horizontals on the logo mark M.