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Loved it. Got lots of ideas. Did not get the final done in this first round of logo creation...but it led me to a final product that I am thrilled with. Very much recommend the site...great idea!

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Winning design #23 by HerbertNordal, Logo Design for Sounds of Silver LTD Contest
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designed by HerbertNordal

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Need a logo for a gold mining company. Current website is, this this one is trash. Do not think we are tied to the current logo - we are not. We mine gold in Ghana, a southwest African country known also as the "African Gold Coast". Words to describe the logo might include: Brilliant GOLD, mining, professional, modern, expert, trusted, technically advanced…maybe Africa. Given the that the name has "silver" in it (from an old silver business), maybe brilliant silver has something to do with the design as well. The name "Sounds of Silver" is interesting, as are the initials. Not looking for anything to make me laugh…this is a $30 mil company. Thanks…give me a great one! And here's what I added as a comment: Please try to incorporate both gold and silver as this is a GOLD mining company named Sounds of SILVER. Please try to make them "brilliant" vs "flat". Thanks!!!

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  • Please try to incorporate both gold and silver as this is a GOLD mining company named Sounds of SILVER. Please try to make them "brilliant" vs "flat". Thanks!!!
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  • Hello all. I want to give some creativity ideas for the ring that I am referring to. Please see the links below: Just to reiterate, I do not want Africa anywhere in the logo since we might do business with others. I want the ring to be a simple gold one like in the links provided. Thank you, Stephanie
  • One more thing....Please DO NOT put a map/picture of or any reference to Africa in the logo, as we may do business elsewhere. Thanks!
  • Hello...I am the Contest Holder. There have been several designs submitted and I want to give you all guidance on what I like and where I'd like this to go. I'd love to see more concepts with the following...First, the name of the company with modern, block type letters. The letters should work to be glimmering gold or silver or a combination of both and in a straight line (all on one line). I think the letters look better with some gradation of color as though a shiny surface were reflecting a light off of a slightly curved reflective surface - so that the tone and reflectiveness of the letters changes slightly either top to bottom...left to right...or even diagonally. Under this...and in smaller letters..."Mining and Investments". Here's where I'd like you to be creative: I like the concept of a glimmering gold wedding band - a simple gold ring - placed somewhere in the design to instantly give the viewer the idea that this is a gold ring. I could see this ring set at an angle and circling/orbiting some of the letters...maybe on the left side or on the right side. Maybe there is a silver ring as well - a matched set...who knows. The point is: modern and bold lettering in silver and/or gold...with at least one ring as the key recognizable accent to the design. Clean...elegant...bold...professional. Please...keep em coming. There are only a few entries at this point and I'd really like to pick a good entry that brings me that image I'm striving for. Please submit! Thanks!!
  • Hello! I have submitted entries #13, #14, #15, and #16, based closely off the instructions you gave in your comment. I'm really hoping this is close to what you are looking for, so any feedback would be appreciated so I can fine-tune this exactly to your liking. Thanks!