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First time I've used this and loved it, really happy with my chosen design wasn't easy picking a winner! All the designers were great to communicate with and more than happy to make changes. Highly recommended. Thank You

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Winning design #66 by sjkelly07, Logo Design for New logo for weed & pest company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sjkelly07

Project description

Logo design for a pest and weed management company on the NSW south coast, Australia South Coast Pest & Weed Management Pty Ltd

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  • Hi NJ, Please find my entry #1. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
    • Thanks. I am new here but I will make an adjustment

    • Kindly tell me now in my new entry where is clipart has been used.Its not my fault if ch wants the almost same design I have tried to change it as much as possible now it shouldnt have been called a clipart . Kindly help me out I'm wondering where I'm using clipart in my new version #53.

  • Clipart is prohibited in logo contests. Designs need to be original
  • Hi CH Can you tell me your opinion about my entry #5 ? thank you
    • |--|

      Metoooo {*wrote*}:
      Hi CH Can you tell me your opinion about my entry #5 ? thank you
      |--| I like it, any other bugs?

    • Hi njharris thank you for your interest for my design , please if you can give me more information about the bug you need like it's type , shape or specific color you need because i have only one entry left thank you in advance

    • Hi, maybe a red back spider?? if south coast could be a touch bigger..Thanks

    • Hi njharris I uploaded a new design #16 with the new changes i hope you like it thank you

    • looks good thanks

  • Hi, Looks good! could we play with the colours a little, try blue in the inner shadow of pest and leave green in weed, weed green also the rest black...Also need to change brief I need Pty Ltd on the end...Thanks
    • Hi Thank you for the feedback, please find a revised entry #4. Further comments most welcome. Regards SJK

    • |--|

      sjkelly07 {*wrote*}:
      Hi Thank you for the feedback, please find a revised entry #4. Further comments most welcome. Regards SJK
      |--| Thanks, can I see coloured area all in red

    • Hi Please find colour variations of the design #9 #10 #11. Is there any thing else you would like to see with the logo? May I also suggest you start to rate each entry to give us designers an idea of where we currently stand. Thanks SJK

    • Great thanks, husband away at moment I'll get some ratings happening when he's back (about a day)

  • Hi, could you try with a similar font throughout-maybe like the middle style.Thanks
  • Hi, like the idea, can we change bug to spider or cockroach? and as much as we don't mind the weed design probably best not promoted in the business lol so if you could change that..I also forgot to put Pty Ltd on the end so that needs to go on. Thanks
  • Hi there njharris I added this information to your contest brief. You can go to the brief tab and click on the green edit button and change what you need to change or add. The title ...we have a length issue, I have sent you an email from the helpdesk Thank you
  • Do not copy existing designs!;
  • Hi CH, Thank you for the high rating on entry #10. Is there anything else you would like me to try with the design? SJK
    • unless you have a whole new concept we're happy with that, Thanks

    • Hi CH, I have tweaked the design slightly, changed the font for a different option #15. Regards SJK

    • thanks

  • hello Plz check my option #13 & give me feedback thanks
  • Hello Ch, are you open to new ideas, or have you already a winner? KIND REGARDS [ JOBZ ]
    • Hi still open for new ideas..

  • Hi can you change the weed..and go with blue and green for colours. Thanks
  • Do copy or use clipart!;
  • Used clipart -;
  • I like the way its set out any other picture ideas in the middle? maybe show in red aswell
  • Hi Ch, please see my entry #24. Please let me know if you have comments. Thank you
    • Hi, Thanks, maybe change the weed and 'and' change colour to red...

  • Hi could you tey with s & C instead of P & W and turn arrow up the other way. Thanks
  • Hello there, check it out my new entry #40 .feel free for any changing.I hope you would like that , its in clean and crisp font with embedded spider in P and weed in W with a protective and managing shield in between .Feel free for any changing. A good day ahead!!
    • Thanks sorry thought Id replied before....could you try red where green is and gold where red is

    • Thanks a lot.Here is new version #46 as per request. Regards

    • Thanks

    • Hi really liked this one, can you do something almost the same?

    • Once again Thank you !! I have uploaded #50, how do you like this one ? For any changing do tell me . Kind regards

    • not so sure on spider??

    • Kindly rate my entry so can I able to upload another version of it . Have a lovely day ahead!!

    • |--|

      demarcator {*wrote*}:
      Kindly rate my entry so can I able to upload another version of it . Have a lovely day ahead!!
      |--| stop using the clipart spider! entry #53 has the clipart spider in it, the ch can't copyright or trademark anything that has clipart, make the spider different and only one version in an entry

    • Hello there, here is new version #64 of my previous concept which was with shielding and managing weed and pest control. This one is clean and could be use as a stand alone recognizable symbol of your business.It works in colors as well as in grey scale with solid pest and weed control concept.Hope you like it too. Best Regards

    • Thanks think I still prefer other one

  • clipart is ot allowed in logo contests
  • THANK YOU, you all have some great ideas-something I lack! Not an easy decision...I'll get back to you ASAP waiting on some help deciding.:)