South Coast Soccer Academy

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Winning design #65 by 3B-Designs, Logo Design for South Coast Soccer Academy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by 3B-Designs

Project description

This logo will be for my new company that provides youth soccer camps and clinics for ages 4-14 in Southern California.  We also provide youth soccer related after school programs.  

In addition, we provide soccer pickup games and fitness programs for adults.

The program is based in Northern Orange County along the coast in Southern California.   Hence, the name South Coast Soccer Academy.

It would be great to have a logo that makes it obvious the company is a soccer related group.  And something that would look great on a T-shirt.  
I look forward to your submissions for this project.  Thank you!

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  • South Coast Soccer Academy Logo Revisi #69
  • revision#56 #66
  • Did as per your requests CH @SCSA. Made some tweaks to make it look better #65
  • Made the changes as per your request CH @SCSA. Waiting for your valuable feedback on this one #64
    • @3bdesigns
      Can we try the ball up toward the middle. I don't think I would mind seeing some of the shield under the ball. I'd like to see some of the red showing through under the ball.

    • @SCSA I had tried that. It doesn't look that well to me. Anyways I will upload it soon CH :)

  • do you like it #63
  • South Coast Soccer Academy #56
    • @Graphixsam Try to change the player on the front. Let's see what that looks like.

  • Please consider my design for your Academy. I have also loaded other colour options but I like the green especially the stripes because they refer to the stripes on a football pitch #58
    • @CWThomas The design is not bad but it feels a little too much like an Irish soccer Academy with these colors. Please try in different color schemes.

  • My Dear Sir, I hope you like it. If you need any more change than you can tell me. I will try to do the design according to your opinion. Thank you so much :)

    • @Logoinn This design is too basic. Looking for something with more 3D imagery and I do not like the ribbon element.

  • My Dear Sir, I hope you like it. If you need any more change than you can tell me. I will try to do the design according to your opinion. Thank you so much :)

    • @Logoinn It's not a bad design at all. Except that it looks more like a tech company logo than a sports logo. The big ball is also too generic looking. I'm not opposed to going away from the shield idea that I have pushing people toward as long as it has the look and feel of a sporting academy.

  • Added a sublte glow effect on the shield and also highlighted the borders of the shield better :)
    Feedback CH @SCSA #45
    • @3bdesigns Would like to see one more look if you could. I want to see what it would look like if you removed all the words from the shield and just put South Coast Soccer Academy under it. You can also try just the letters SCSA under it. There may be some opportunities to use the emblem without the verbiage. Let me know if you think you can make those two ideas work.

  • South Coast Soccer Academy Logo #55
  • About #39, @verygloriz yii haaa thanks for the rating. i update the preview on #53 & #54 Should you have any suggestion/idea please feel free to advise. I will be at your service at any time.
  • my logo #46
  • Did some minor changes in the logo
  • Text size like before as requested CH @SCSA #43
  • About #41, @roTITAwar
    The overall design is a good start. The ball needs to look more modern, the banner across the front should change (don't like the ribbon effect), and would like the overall design to be more 3 dimensional. Including the shield itself.
  • About #37, @3bdesigns
    I appreciate the different color schemes. It helps a lot with final decisions.
  • About #39, @verygloriz
    I like the 3 dimensional look of the South Coast banner across the shield. Any way to make the shield look more 3 dimensional?
  • Much improved version of my previous designs. Feedback on this one CH @SCSA :) #42
    • @3bdesigns It looks great. I was going to ask you for different colorations so good move on providing the different options. I need to make sure I can produce this graphic for T-shirt silkscreen logo as well as stitch logo, Webpage, and print. Possibly video as well. So the final product is required to be high definition and I would also like to have a version with a background similar to #19 with the watermark behind the logo for the web page. I'm on the fence between the size of the text even though I like the small changes you added at the left and right bottom of the text. Could you show me what it looks like to have the text the same size as before but with the added slashes in the new version? This would help me see the difference and make a better decision. Thanks.

    • Read the below comment CH :)

    • @SCSA Im glad that you liked the design. As far as different logo application is concerned, you need not worry about whether or not its in high definition quality as the final logo you will be receiving (if I got selected or even with others) will be in Ai file format, which means it will be vector based that allows you to increase the size of the logo depending on different applications without losing any quality in the logo image.

      Now for the text size, I will upload another entry soon showing the different text size options. And where you had asked me to send the logo with the watermark logo in the background, those minor variations of the same logo can be sent easily once the contest is in finalization (next step) phase as you can ask me to submit the required variations there just like you had asked me above. :)

  • About #36, @jordanthb
    I actually prefer #10 compared to #36.
    The bear is working for me and the soccer player is too basic. Probably best to go back to #10 and change the right and left upper areas to a modern looking soccer ball and something other element. Would also like to see the shield look more 3 dimensional in nature.