South West Employee Assistance Programs (SWEAP)

This is the second time we have engaged Design Contest to aid in designing our business logos. On both occasions our experience has been excellent. We have been impressed by the range of unique and original designs that have been submitted, and the professionalism of the designers in making amendments that we require. This is the only forum we can think of where we have the opportunity to chose from hundreds of different designs, from an extensive range of designers at a reasonable price.

$300 paid

108 custom designs

29pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #54 by cyacool, Logo Design for South West Employee Assistance Programs (SWEAP) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by cyacool

Project description

South West Employee Assistance Programs (SWEAP) We are an Employee Assistance Program provider. We are marketing our services directly to organisations who contract our services to support the wellbeing of their employees. We provide counselling and psychological intervention for employees experiencing work, personal and family issues (assisting individuals and their family members to resolve/navigate presenting difficulties to enable them to be happier and more productive in their home and work lives). We are based in the South West of our region on a coastal strip, and offer professional services by highly qualified psychologists and counsellors. We are seeking a logo that is suggestive of our region yet also reflects the nature of our work (assisting employees to navigate a path through their difficulties).

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  • Again, very nice - would like to see future designs demarcate the SW from the EAP (colour, tone, shape, whatever) - if organisations see the acronym EAP they will automatically know what this stands for which is a huge bonus! Neat image.
  • Nice design. The colour tones are really lovely and we like the 'directional' focus. 'Program' should read 'Programs'. We do like the split between the acronym and the full text - could go somewhere with this!
  • Thanks for your entry The hand shaking is an interesting feature which might be worthy of some further follow up, however, not keen on the "digitalised" imagery. Not keen on the suitcase - whilst we are appealing to organisations, we work within the counselling/caring professions - hence we want to avoid looking too businesslike.
  • Thanks for your entry. Like the use of different colours to demarcate the SW and the EAP, however, not keen on the colour palate and a little too stark and basic at this stage.
  • See feedback on design 28
  • See feedback on design 28.
  • Liking this design but would like to see slightly "cleaner" colours. Thanks
  • like the colour scheme but not so keen on the logo devise at the top. Thanks
    • thanks for the feedback ........i 'll definitely try another concept!

  • Liking the design but not so keen on the block dark background (we are a little concerned about the need for a colour block on letterhead) - something a little lighter/brighter please. Thanks
  • As per feedback for your last design. Prefer the lower image. However, appears very much like a speech bubble rather than a distinct compass. Thanks
  • Like where you are going with the compass, however, looks androcentric (male symbol). Prefer the bottom to the top one. Would be interested in seeing further variations on this.
  • Definitely liking the top image the best of the two. Are you able to increase the font size of the South West Employee Assistance Programs? This will ensure that the full name is not lost in the logo. Also, we would be interested in seeing something a little more intricate in the colour (for example, not such a flat colour but possibly graduated colour/glossy colour or something of the like - does that make sense?). Thank you
  • Hi there prefer the last entry where you have differentiated the SW from the EAP with respect to colour. We would be interested in viewing some other colour combinations as well if possible?
  • Hi there - liking this one!
    • HI Nudge! Thanks for the feedback.. please let me know if you want any Iteration Regards DexMind176

  • Too abstracted and busy - but thanks
  • Hi there Not really our style but thanks.
  • Hi there Nice and neat, but this one didn't really grab us. Thanks.
  • Hi - the crescent is distracting. Not really our cup of tea. Thanks.
  • Hi - like the other one better!
  • Hi there - sorry, not keen