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We own a full-service Landscaping Company that designs and installs for new & existing home and small business construction, routine care and maintenance, design and new installation work. We would like to update our logo with something new. Since Landscaping is outdoors, we would like to use a deep green color along with another color, possibly blue, but are open. Our current logo is two tones of green mountains with a blue sky but, WE WOULD LIKE A COMPLETELY NEW DESIGN AND LOOK, something that shouts Landscaping. We live in South Carolina in the Foothills of the USA. We are excited to see what you designers come up with that relate to Landscaping and show a different take on things. While Southern Exposure is our name, please keep in mind that Landscaping & Design, LLC is also important. Thank you for your creativity and ideas.  

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  • Here it is modified, with a 3 nuances of blue and green, and modified name, I hope that you like it... #256
  • v2 #254
  • thank you very much, i enjoy working with you.
    don't hesitate with me :)
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    Hello Sir,
    please check entries #247 , #248 #249 #250 and #251
    thank you #251
  • Here's something completly different, I hope that you like it, please feel free to contact me for modifications, I'am on your disposal, thanks. @normanewton #242
  • Here's how I imagine your new logo, I hope that you like it, if there's something to modify, please feel free to contact me, I'am on your disposal, thanks. @normanewton #241
  • @normanewton #240
  • @normanewton
  • @normanewton
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    hope you like it
  • @normanewton #235
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    please check also
    #232 and #235
    thank you
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    Hello , please check last entry #229
    Thank you
  • No problem.
    i try again one my imagination in this design.
    Ok, you can send me your sketch if you want.
    Thanks. #221
  • maybe like this? #213
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    Hello Sir,
    please check entry #208
    and also #211 with lighter blue lake
    thank you
  • Here is my first concept for your consideration. Clean, modern and eye catching. If you would like to see any changes, have suggestions or comments just let me know. thanks #207
  • Done, thank you for all your feedback, I am happy to work on this logo.

    Best Regards. #206
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    please check retouched entry #205
  • Dear ch, How about this?
    Thanks. #204
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    hello again
    Like this ?...i understood correct ? #201