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Winning design #321 by srie, Logo Design for Sova Anesthesia Contest
Gold Medal

designed by srie

Project description

We are seeking a logo design with original artwork only. We want to convey a professional feel. We are in the business of providing anesthesia services and are looking to convey relaxation. We would like a spa/beach feel with lighter tones of blue, green, gray, tan, or yellows. Not all of these colors have to be used. 

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  • sova anesthesia logo :) #332
  • sova anesthesia logo. how about this Shodge. check this. :) #331
  • SOVA ANESTHESIA logo. :) #330
  • hi.
    Thanks for the feedback. I have made the design as your request. It's very close to the design you are looking for.
    I hope you like it.
    Thank you. #321
  • About #306, @srie hello there. I think we like #2 the best on these. Thank you for the options.
  • sova anesthesia for clean and relax log. check this shodge if u like clean and relax. thanks. :) #310
  • hi.
    I have improved my design, please check. I hope you like it.
    Thank you. #309

  • sova anesthesia for clean and relax log. check this shodge. thanks. :) #308
  • Thanks for the feedback, please choose which one you like? all almost similar but slightly different. #306
  • sova anesthesia for clean and relax logo #305
  • sova anesthesia logo #304
  • Thanks for the feedback, I have improved my design, please check.
    I hope you can understand, so many designers who developed the initial concept for me. You can see the results darisalinan # 274 is my initial design.

    Thank you for your understanding.
    • @srie Thanks for the follow up. We recognize and have appreciated your original work from day 1 at around #58 and that is why we have been commenting to you directly. We appreciate the efforts of others trying to accommodate our thoughts but are willing to give you the opportunity to make alterations to your own work rather than have others try to build on it. There have been others that we have admired and their original work was impressive but we are wanting to give you the opportunity, as we would them, to make changes to original work to suit our specific needs.

    • @srie Hello again. I have a request simply for curiosity sake. Can you show the large logo that is the center top design on #290 with the shaded white background that is found in #255? Also, I like the design in #295. Would you be able to do something similar in addition to the others? Thank you so much for your hard work and beautiful designs!!

    • @srie I am still not completely satisfied with the letters inside of the circle. They just seem a little unbalanced. I think that I would like for them touch in the center. Do you have any ideas to make it seem more balanced? We would love to see some options for this. Thank you again. You have been so great to work with.

  • @shodge Hi, pls check my entry #273
  • sova anesthesia #287
  • sova anesthesia logo #285
  • Here's a mockup of my design.. hope you like it. Good luck #281
  • Logo idea. Hope im on track. Good luck #280
  • hi.
    Thank you for the rating, you can provide feedback? tell me, what I need to fix.
    Thank you.
    • @srie Hello again. Looking at designs in #255 and wondering if we can make one small change in the circle with the letters. I like that they are offset but it appears that the "a" is centered in the width of the circle while the "s" is to the left. I want them to stay at different heights as you have them, but would like to see the point where they meet to be in the middle of the width and not have the "a" in the center of the width while the "s" is to the left. Maybe leave the "s" to the left and move the "a" slightly to the right. Is that possible?

    • @srie Look at design #228 at how the "s" and "a" are balanced in the space but offset from the middle. This is what we are trying to describe above. We want to keep your font and everything that you have done just changing the position of the letters within the circle. We LOVE the large logo that you have done at the top of #255 and would like to see it on the black wall as you originally did in #58. You have been great and we are so pleased with your designs. Thank you for working with us!!

  • Thank you!!!!! This is perfect!!!! #255