Sovereign Wealth Preservation, Inc.

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Winning design #49 by Windflower, Logo Design for Sovereign Wealth Preservation, Inc. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Windflower

Project description

Logo should convey stately, solid, trust,reliability. Partial to blue and silver

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  • Hi CH, please disregard entry #30, It has wrong typography. #31 has the right one. Thanks :)
  • I hope you like my entry #21 I'd love to hear your feedback and what you'd like changed.
  • I made two versions. One with a dot #7, and one without a dot #6. Best regards, Calibrate.
  • CH Please check entry #2. Feedback in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  • a more detailed brief would be greatly appreciated. best regards. thanks 4 ur time ch!
  • Dear brucemajeski, My design #49 is respectfully submitted for your review. Thank you for your consideration. - Windflower
  • Dear CH, would you mind to give us more info what your company does. It is not clear, as it is not mentioned in the brief... is it financial company, fund, investment; what is type of the wealth, financial, material, natural such as gas & oil, or other... What type of service your company offers? Also, is your business based for USA or World wide (international)? I wouldn't know any of this, and do not want to take a guess, but rather to be sure. Please advise. Kind regards, Babba
  • Hi CH please check my work #46, the "wax seal" tells all about your company.
  • HI CH!. just posted #42, will really appreciate any feedback. best regards, thanks 4 ur time.
  • Hi Bruce, Please see my first entries #27 #33 #35 #37. I have approached your design from a few different angles. #27, has a separate logo with the inital 's' crowned. In #33 I have used the whole company name as the logo, but you could use just the crown as a seperate entity if you wished. In #35 I have tried something a little more modern with a lighter colour blue. In #37 I have just tried something completely different with the colouring and gone for something reminiscent of a rich suede. Let me know what you think. Kind regards, Liz
  • Hi CH, I have submitted a design #84. Please check the design and give a feedback. Thank You
  • I feel as though my submissions, #79 & #80, represent Sovereign Wealth Preservation Inc. the best. Each have a structure to the logo, which gives a feeling of foundation, or something strong and trustworthy. The color scheme, shades of blue, is also something that is refreshing, calming, and always in style. Thank you for your consideration.
  • Hi I am number 64, and this is all new to me to be honest can you forgive me on those last two. "Embarresed" Misspell............. so sorry
  • Hi CH, please disregard entry #30 , It has wrong typography. #31 has the right one. Thanks :)
  • we need more breifing, explaine your company please. is this your site: best regards sevy
  • Please give feedback on those two designs ...#100 and #101 when you can. Thank you!
  • I need to correct an entry.....#98 is not my design! my apologies i meant #100 and #101
  • I just submitted #102. It has a classic, strong feel. I have done it in a simple deep gray/silver tone. If you prefer I could also try using blues along with the gray.
  • Hi CH Another one of my creations for your review...#101. I would love any feedback. thanks
  • Hi CH I submitted my creation for your company as shown in #98. I'd appreciate any feedback and hope you like what you see. Thanks