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Winning design #107 by artgra, Logo Design for Spa Furniture Company Needs New, Sleek, Luxurious and Modern Logo Contest
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designed by artgra

Project description

Our company needs a new, stylish, sleek, luxurious, and modern logo. Letters must be easily readable. Our website is

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  • Hi, I hope this is what you had in mind. It is simple and clean. I messed up on the reflection, if you like it i can fix it. Thank you
  • The designs that were being submitted were becoming too specific. I would like to see more unique and refreshing designs so I removed the ratings and eliminations. Thanks.
  • Thanks for appreciating my work...#11 I would just like to show you the enhanced version of this logo... Making it much elegant & stylish.... Jctoledo
  • dk7
    The logo is a whale's tail/salon chair... I can see that it isn't very clear. I will work of that. Thanks for the input, it is greatly appriciated! Derek
  • The shape of the tail looks good. Try to make the logo more tidy.
  • Too cartoonish
  • Like the two tone glossy font. Cant tell what the 3 pronged image is.
  • Need more easily readable font.
  • Looks too much like a tulip, might not work too well monogrammed on upholstery.
  • Dear CH. This whale tail, also recalls a young germ, which symbolise something new, fresh, or the begining in general. This "new" is intended to grow in something huge and strong, and reliable, like a whale) Thank you for your attention.
  • My latest design to my previous entries. In this, I utilize your company's initials "WS" making the end of the "S" a whale's tail for your company's identity. Your thoughts are welcome Jctoledo
  • #48 #49 these two designs also look good in one solid color like black for example.
  • #72 #73 Variations to #11. Made the colors much stronger.
  • Please try a different font and try to make it look more like a whale.
  • Please revise again, some variation of this logo. I like this one more than the revision. I like the font and the shape of this logo.
  • Dear Ch, Original Design: #139 looking forward for your feedback Thanks
  • Dear CH, Please take a look at this design. looking forward for your feedback Thanks.
  • Hi mr CH, I'll upload very soon the files .Thank you for your patience
  • Dear Artgra, Congratulations on winning the contest! We are very happy with the logo. However, we would like a few changes. Can you make the brown gold effects on the logo similar to #120 and another similar to #128? Please apply this brown gold effect to the whales also so it is uniform. Can you try a different font. I would like a more "wavy" font that is preferably uncommonly used. Finally can you fix the bottom of the whale where on a dark background, the large white spot makes the whale look like it has a hole in it. Thank you.
  • Dear Artgra, Please use the original font and make the effect on the font similar to design #128. The glow location on the whales, keep the same as the orignal. However, please give me a version with a more golden glow and one version same as original. Thank you.