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Winning design #23 by zigzag, Logo Design for Spanisun Contest
Gold Medal

designed by zigzag

Project description

Spanisun is The new universal provider of vacation homes in Spain. Spanisun provides services for people that wants to rent a vacation home, but also for house owners that wish let out their part-time homes. Spanisun also works as a Real-Estate agent providing real-estate listing of properties for sale.

Spanisun's main target group are people in Northern Europe above 35+

we are looking for a brand logo that appeals to the following key tags:

                      Vacation, Luxury, House, Resort, Sun, Secure, Personal Service.

These tags are not must, but should give the designer a basic idea.

Since Spanisun via a website, provides 3 basic services which are: Renting, Letting and Real-Estate Brokerage, It could be an idea to have an iconized part of the logo that somehow illustrated the 3 services separately. E.g. Arrow in, Arrow Out and Currency symbol.

Any other option is most welcome and perhaps a simple color variation would be enough.

Although the Word “Spani” was taken from the Nordic word “Spanien” or Spain in English, the reference to Spain in the logo is not a demand, since the operator might expand to other countries as well. And of course the word “sun” is a reference to the bight bright light bulb in the sky :-).

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