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I saw someone else use DesignContest for their logo, and I was so impressed with how easy it was to use and the quality of the designers who submit to the contest. When it came time for me to come up with my logo, I didn't think twice. I can't express my gratitude in words. There were so many amazing designs that it really was a difficult choice. It was so exciting to wake up every day and see what new designs were submitted! What a fun, creative, and rewarding process. We both have recommended DesignContest to others and will continue to do so.

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Winning design #63 by aur3lDESIGN, Logo Design for Speak My Passion Contest
Gold Medal

designed by aur3lDESIGN

Project description

This logo will be used for my life coaching business. I coach people to find their life purpose, set intentions around their mission and values, integrate their purpose into every aspect of their life, and come up with an action plan to activate their true intentions. If color is incorporated, please use: Orange Purple There are 2 components that must be integrated into the logo: 1- The initials, SMP 2- A dragonfly (meaning below) Optional: There is a third element that could be included if you can make it work. I know having two animal images may be difficult, but if you think you have a good flow I would be interested in seeing the incorporation of: (Optional) 3- A hummingbird (meaning below) DRAGONFLY MEANING: Change and Transformation, Adaptability, Joy, Lightness of being, Symbol of the realm of emotions, Invitation to dive deeper into your feeling, Being on the lookout for illusions and deceits, Connection with nature’s spirits, fairies realms, Maturity and a Depth of character, Power and Poise, Defeat of Self Created Illusions, Focus on living ‘IN’ the moment, The opening of one’s eyes HUMMINGBIRD MEANING: Lightness of being, Enjoyment of life, Being more present, Independence, Bringing playfulness and joy in your life, Lifting up negativity, Swiftness, Ability to respond quickly, Resiliency, Being able to travel great distances tirelessly Reason for Extended Design Period After seeing some of the designs that really resonated with me, I am curious how my name might be incorporated into the logo. The reason I chose "Speak My Passion" for my work is because the letters SMP mirror the initials of my name, Shannon Marie Plummer. Is there any way that this mirroring of initials can be incorporated into the design? All other parameters remain... I still require the initials SMP and a dragonfly; I would like a hummingbird incorporated if possible. If colors are used, orange and purple are my preferences. I do not know if the addition of my name will be too much text in the logo, but this logo will mostly be used as a banner on my website and on my facebook page. So there could be a more elaborate banner expression and then a simplified one (like ones that have already been submitted) for letterhead and other use. I don't know if it will work, but this idea just surfaced and I had to put my brain to rest before finalizing my logo.

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  • hi, i am thinking of a logo with just the humming bird, (without the dragonfly) is that okay with you?
    • Actually, the dragonfly is the critical component because of the symbolic meaning of transformation and connecting to the inner wisdom. The hummingbird is secondary and I will only use it if it can really be creatively integrated into the design. I will try to update my description to better explain this. Sorry for any confusion. I hope you still have ideas!

    • okay, no problem. will definitely try my best, thank you :)

  • I really REALLY like the hummingbird and dragonfly combination. Very creative and beautiful combination! I am not crazy about the block letters. My business is all about taking an inward journey to the formless and forgetting the "forms" of life. So I think the text needs to represent something more fluid, mystical, flowing. Also, I am more interested in a purple/orange color choice rather than the blue/orange that you have here.
    • Thank you for your comments and the quick reply. I"ll use your comments about the font and the coloring and come up with an improved design! If you have any other comments or see points of improvements, just tell me.

  • I prefer #1 so I'm going to eliminate this one with the block letters.
  • I prefer #7, so I'm going to eliminate this one with the block letters.
  • I like this. Can you include an iteration that has just the dragonfly with the words "Speak My Passion" around it? Kind of like the "short version" you did with #1 down in the corner. I'd like to see the two iterations together as a team.
  • Wow! Lots going on here. My eyes are distracted with all the different colors. My main animal totem is the dragonfly, so I would prefer that to be the larger of the images if both animals are incorporated into the design. I appreciate your submission.
  • Thank you for submitting. It is a beautiful creation. Unfortunately, not exactly what I intended. My main image is the dragonfly (the hummingbird was optional if it could be integrated into the design with the dragonfly). I'm not crazy about the block letters. My business is about taking an inward journey that is more fluid, flowing, and formless. The colors are a bit bright, especially the purple.
  • I really REALLY like the dragonfly. Again, not crazy about the block letters. The font you chose for #1 is much more appealing to me.
  • I'm not crazy about the block letters. Seems too structured.
  • Colors are perfect. I really like the font and the simplicity of the design. I originally didn't know if I wanted the words written out in the logo, so I appreciate that you provided both options. Now that I see them both, I think I would use both iterations for different things. As I see different designs, my eyes are opened to different things. Part of me feels there might be something missing, and part of me feels the simplicity is spot on.
  • Hello, any feedback on designs #1, #2 and #3 would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  • Design #16 is preferred so I am eliminating this iteration.
  • Design #16 is preferred so I am eliminating this iteration.
  • This is my favorite iteration so far, so I will eliminate the other two iterations. Just a few comments: The flowers are still very rigid-looking compared to the rest of the design. I would like the hummingbirds reduced in size, as they are a secondary totem for me. They (and the flowers) could probably be half the size.
  • Beautiful concept! I have a few comments. I would prefer only two colors in the logo, so would be looking more interested in the blue being modified to purple and the red-orange-yellow being modified to be orange (can be multiple shades of orange). I like the shading on the dragonfly and hummingbirds. I would like to see the flowers shaded that way as well so they are not so bold and popping. I'm not crazy about the rigid block lettering. Could the dragonfly's head be moved up to the top of the downward point on the "M" to allow its see-through image to cascade over the bottom of all three letters. It is so beautiful but it gets lost in the black background a bit. I'd love to see how it can be integrated more over the letters with the letters still coming through. I don't know if that will look funny or not. I guess overall, my comments speak to it looking more fluid and flowing with softer edges. I would also be interested to see an iteration where the text/background colors are inverted from white on black to black on white.
    • Thank you for your comments I did redo but not all to your specs if chossen I would make any changes to your liking, thank you so very much.

    • |--|

      daniezeh {*wrote*}:
      Thank you for your comments I did redo but not all to your specs if chossen I would make any changes to your liking, thank you so very much.
      |--| Changed the type for SMP, made the orange flower brought in a lighter purple hope that is a bit more to your liking? thanks again.

  • Absolutely gorgeous! I didn't consider blue as part of the design palette. Not sure if the fade to blue resonates with me or not. Is there a way to fade it the opposite way through the spectrum to start with purple and end with orange (or vice versa)? I don't know if that would work, but I would love to see if it's possible!
    • Thank you for feedback and rating. I did it, purple and orange is very interesting combination indeed... with best regards

    • Thank you so much!

  • All my comments from #11 apply here, so I'm going to eliminate this one since I prefer the flower color choice on 11 better than the pink here.
  • Very pretty iteration. Just too many different colors in a logo for my preference.
  • I prefer the purple-orange colors, so eliminating this one.
  • I think I'd rather see the words somehow wrapped around the circle. I am thinking this would be a short-version image to go along with #7. For example #7 could be stationary or facebook cover photo. And #8 would be the accompanying logo for smaller items like business cards.