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Winning design #71 by jenbragge, Logo Design for Special Forces for Business Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jenbragge

Project description

The company name is Special Forces for Business. The website address will be sf4.biz The company will be a unique business consulting firm providing CPA and accounting services but much more. We will enter the companies financial world like military special forces and improve it! We will be providing Law of Attraction training to help individuals utilize the special forces of nature to reach unpresidented levels of performance. We will also provide a service that allows companies to obtain cash back and loyalty commissions on expenses they would normally be spending anyway. This cash back and loyalty commissions could be substantial.

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  • Can you try a different color scheme: I am not partial to the gray . . . would like to see blue, black and gold combo.
  • Please try to put an atom symbol around the SF
    • Hi, please grant me 1 more entry, I've made one that I think you will like.

    • Okay please post it

  • Question, how do you use the dark background when using on a letterhead. I like this by the way, how do you think it would look with the little person as the nucleas of an atom>
  • Please try using an atom symbol around the SF
  • Message for everyone:What do you think (based on our business summary we gave you) of using an atom symbol in our logo? Try that out on a few of them. You know the nucleus with the protons and electrons flying around it.
  • Dear CH, here are my designs:#43, #44, #45.I hope you like them.Let me know if any changes required. Have a nice day, Reni
  • hi rob1, please check out my proposal under #54. your feedback would be much appreciated. thank you & have a nice day :) -friendnand
    • Interesting I didn't jump out at me until I saw your request to look at it. Nice Idea I like it more now that i have looked at it close. Maybe you could do something that makes it stand out a little more?

  • Hello CH, please have a look at #53 and let me know what you think. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, please check the new versions #47 and #51.Thank you! Reni
  • Thanks everyone nice work!
  • To the contest holder please take a look #70, #72, #73, #75 and give some feedback.
    • Will do! I like yours as well.

  • Great I like it, do you think it looks better with the atom on top of the words or to the left of the words?
    • Personally, I always prefer a stacked logo. It seems to stand proud with the emblem/icon on the top. But it all depends on the main application of use. Most people go with a side by side option if the logo is used primarily on the web as space is restricted. But I don't think you should be static with your emblem. I think it should be able to move around. It is an atom? Just on that thought. It could be a nice unique approach to display the atom in different positions (ie. different on each persons business card, but always keeping the atom the same size. "Covering every angle". "movement", "Alert", Ahead".

  • Jen can you please darken the little person and the "for business? You can make the rest of the atom lighter rather than the little person.
    • Thank you for your comments. I have just uploaded the revised logo.

  • Could you please put an atom symbol around the little guy? Also can you make "for business" more prominent? Change Special to Elite
    • Hi CH. you do mean instead of "SPECIAL" i will change the word into "ELITE"?

  • Interesting I like the border around the cirlce are you able to fit a little person in the center of the atom?
  • Pretty good Angle, can you encoperate the atom symbol in it somehow?
  • To the contest holder please give some feedback about #46 so i can improve it.
    • I like it. I am starting to like the little person in the middle of the attom. Can you make room for it also change one to your examples to "Elite Forces". Thanks

  • Thanks Carlos what is the difference between 67 and 63
    • According to this, ´Can you make the lines in the top atom a little brighter and bolder?´ I made the atom a little bit bolder, because if it is to bold, it will be hard to see what it is, anyway if I misunderstood your feedback please let me know, thanks.

    • Ah great thanks

  • Can you make the lines in the top atom a little brighter or bolder?
    • Let me know what you think #67 , Thanks. Best regards, Carlos.

  • I like the yellow atom emblom but I am not sure I like the yellow "Special Forces" on top. I also think the "for business on the bottom is too light. What happens if you use the top emblem with all black letters? I am warming up to the little person in the center of the attom. Try a little dark person in the center rather than the "SF"