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Winning design #44 by PAVIAN, Logo Design for Spectrum Best Contest
Gold Medal

designed by PAVIAN

Project description

My company, www.SpectrumSupplements.com is launching it's own new Brand of supplements called Spectrum Best. We need a logo for our bottles. We have selected the background already but need a great logo to be implemented into the background.

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  • Please visit our website www.spectrum-supplements.com to view our existing logo and color theme. The Logo needs to read "Spectrum Best" (not Spectrum Best + Nutrition Store). As the logo will be placed on supplement bottles, we are limited on space lengthwise. Please place "Best" under "Spectrum" in the logo so the logo can be more vertical in nature. In additon to colored letters on a white background, we can also accept white letters on a colored background. The background of our label will most likely be colored so this would be preferred.
  • We have selected the label for our new Brand. Please go to this link: http://www.spectrum-supplements.com/spectrum-best-logo.html Note the logo displayed is a sample and we would be replacing it with your new design. Take note of the background colour and submit your entry accordingly. Thank you.
  • Can you please make "BEST" a bit smaller in size and in 3-D to give it some depth? Thank you.
  • Great design. We like this the best so far. Please make the following modifications: 1. make the "s" a capital S in Spectrum 2. make the "best" all capitals and maybe change the font to make it stand out, like a bolder font. 3. try removing the leaves.
    • Thanks for your feedback, I make changes #35 Please have a look. Thank you

    • I might make a mistake making under line longer... If you can give me more entries I will upload corrected ones. Thanks

  • Another change: The entire logo will appear too tall (I believe) so please reduce the size of the leaf (top left) or eliminate.
    • |--|

      john3 {*wrote*}:
      Another change: The entire logo will appear too tall (I believe) so please reduce the size of the leaf (top left) or eliminate.
      |--| This designer just copied my design. I really disappointed :) NOT A NICE THINK TO DO!!!

  • Nice entry! please make some changes: 1. Eliminate the yellow moon-shape on the left of the image 2. under BEST, place a stroke mark (see logo at http://www.spectrum-supplements.com/brands/doctor-s-best.html ) 2. BEST should be italicized (or have it stand out somehow) so as to not copy the Doctor's BEST brand logo
  • Hi, Thank you for the rating of #23. I have submitted #29 which shows the design on your label found at the link provided. I have placed the logo on the label in both green on white and white on green for comparison. Regards, Glen.