Speech & Language Success (SLS)

Very straight forward process. Designers were very responsive to comments. Design Contest staff were easy to get ahold of and friendly when I had questions.

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Winning design #61 by nvshajan, Logo Design for Speech & Language Success (SLS) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nvshajan

Project description

SLS is a company that helps Speech-Language Pathologists and Speech Language Pathology Assistants (SLPA's) drive positive outcomes and brighter futures for individuals with speech-language disabilities and disorders. 

SLS helps connect SLP's and SLPA's with school districts, hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities. 
SLS seeks to attract therapists who are looking to contract and clients seeking a highly qualified SLP or SLPA to meet their needs. 

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  • I like the people in blue. I also really like the thicker steps and thicker font for "SLS"! Can I see "Success" in green? I really want the "success" part to stand out. Can I see the "S" for Success under the steps in green as well. Is the font of "Success" the same size as "Speech & Language", looks a little smaller but may be because it's a different font. Again, can I see the "Speech & Language" font a bit thinner, just to compare. Thanks so much! #54
    • Hi, I have created four design options within the time limit before contest expiry. Kindly find the revised designs. I didn't get enough time to create further designs. Thank you. Kind regards....

  • Can I see the font in a few different options...maybe one a little thiner and slightly more italicized? I think the thicker font under the steps is fine. Thank you! #49
  • If this is the logo I go with, will I be able to get the left portion as a stand alone too so that I can use it by itself if I want? Thankks! #49
  • I like the simplicity of this, something about it is definitely catching my eye. Can I see it in a few other color combos? Maybe a blue and red/orange and?? #17
    • About #17, @klaasmarie - Hello Marie!
      Thank you for your kind feedback. Please see the revision #46 (SLS in capitals; different color range), and as well another design proposals with similar concept of "quotes": #47 - a smiling speaking face quotes & #48 the star quotes (the star as a symbol of success).
      I am wondering what do you think.
      If you need any other changes, please let me know.
      Kind regards.

  • Can you use a different shade of green to make it a little more vibrant? #25
  • Also, I think it looks better when the "&" sign comes after "speech"/same line, so that SLS lines up vertically. Thanks! #25
  • Also, can I see the "SLS" in all caps? Thanks #17
  • I like the top font best. I still don't like the color scheme - I think I'd like to see "Success" in a better, more vibrant shade of green, and "Language" in a vibrant blue or orange. OR, put "Speech & Language Success" in a shade of black/dark gray. Also, I have shown a few people and they don't see the SLS in the steps until I point it out, so what about making the steps "SLS" with either the same font as the rest or a font that clearly shows SLS, still going up in step-like manner with each letter slightly bigger than the next (so that S for "success" is the biggest). Also I think the "&" sign should come after "Speech" so that the SLS lines up...Does all that make sense? Thank you! #39
  • Better! Can we change the blue and yellow - I'm not crazy about those shades. Also, I think I'd like even more of a generic person figure (more similar to the one on the brief page (not the one with briefcase). I'm indecisive on the two fonts...Is there maybe something inbetween the two? #27
    • Please check #39 for the variation. Hope this is closer and would love to make any variations you need. :)

  • Can you incorporate the letters SLS under the stairs? Also, I'm not exactly sure what to change, but I'm not super crazy about the look of the figures on the stairs with the circle over, but I definitely like the idea or concept of them... #25
  • I'd like to see the font a little more playful/relaxed. Also, is it possible to get a more gender and age netural person/figure climbing the SLS stairs (& no briefcase:)) #21
    • Hi CH, Please check #27 for the variations. I'd be happy to make more variations based on your comments.

  • I like how the SLS looks like steps. I'm not a fan of the wireless looking symbol. I'd also like to see the font spruced up a bit, maybe not so block-like. #11
    • Hi CH, Thanks for feedback, please check #21 and let me know if you need more variations.

  • I like the idea. I would like to see it more colorful and maybe with a more unstructured or less formal font. Also what about possibly adding a gender-neutral person climbing the steps (above/over the SLS)? #12
    • avo

      About #12, @klaasmarie
      Thank you for your referrals ...
      I have revised my design ..
      Please check back ..
      Are there any other changes you want ..?
      Thank You .. :)

  • I like the font on this and the way e's look like they're engaging each other. I'd like to see this incoorporated with the steps/ladder and maybe a figure of person helping another up the steps/ladder. #15
  • I would like for the logo to incorporate a ladder like design climbing from left to right in conjunction with the word "Success" of the SLS name. Looking for something creative & edgy. Thanks to all of you taking the time to try and make this happen.
  • SLS? #4
  • Please check. #3
  • Please check #1