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Winning design #17 by rezawawan1976, Logo Design for Speedy Home Buyers Contest
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designed by rezawawan1976

Project description

Design logo for company that buys houses from owners who need to sell.  We are not real estate agents; we are investors that provide a service--offer to liquidate real estate for sellers who need or want to sell quickly with no hassles and delays.  The business model is somewhat like a pawn shop for houses.  Liquidating the property is more important than the price.  There are some people who just want a property out of their name, and they may even pay someone to do this, if that is what it takes.  Those are the target customers.  Or, another analogy is trading in a used car.  You could sell the car for more if you cleaned up the car, advertised it on craigslist, spent time and effort to show the car to potential buyers, and negotiated with the buyers.  Or, you can drive it into the used car lot and be provided a price that is usually lower.  You take less that you could get in a private sell, but the convenience, speed, and low hassle are well worth the additional money you pass up.  Please take a look at the notes I wrote for the set up for the new logo.  The information in the attached file will assist with the look and feel:


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  • sdr
    I hope you like it... Please feedback and rate... Thank you so much.... #56
  • @nuts4realestate Please check my first entry #50 . feedback appreciated. god bless
  • See #35 for full concept - everything can be tweaked to your specifications #41
  • Please take a look @ #35 I would appreciate some feedback. Thanx :) #35
  • my idea #26
  • About #16, @pujanggalangit Ok CH, i'll do it for you
  • About #16, @pujanggalangit Ok CH, i'll do it for you
  • font is too simple. Use an italic font similar to current logo lettering font. #16
  • Fill in with white (no blue fill here). #16
  • make the blue space above the roof a little smaller. Not so much blue up here. #15
    • @nuts4realestate Ok CH, thank you for you're feedback

  • fill in the chimney with white. #15
  • Hello everyone. I was hoping to get designs without house shapes in them. So far, every design has a house in it. So much for that. I'm also going to stick with the blue and red colors for the business. Did anyone read the attached document? Here it is again.
  • I believe this logo is already taken by another company in florida with the same company name. #1