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Winning design #56 by BIMO83, Logo Design for Speer Skateboards Contest
Gold Medal

designed by BIMO83

Project description

We are starting a new skateboard company.  My idea is to use a spear and a caveman in the logo, possibly riding a skateboard.  And also have the name SPEER Skateboards in the logo.  I'd like a lot of color in the logo.  

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  • About #62, @Sergheiev Thanks! Can you change the caveman a little bit? Maybe less bulky and change the angle so we are looking straight on, instead of looking up at him?
    • About #62, @SpeerSkates I don't understand "straight on, instead of looking up at him?" can you please explain?

    • @Sergheiev Sure, I mean the point of view. It appears the caveman is looking down (the viewer is looking up at him). He is crouched down as well. Perhaps make him more of the angle of #56.

  • my proposal.
    please let me know if you have something in mind about this design.
    your feedback is highly appreciated. #57
  • Hi, I try with some font, please check #56
  • About #55, @BIMO83 Thanks! Could you show some examples of the fonts similar to #24, #42 and #46? I want more of an old school feel.
  • new font, new layout #55
  • About #48, @BIMO83 thanks! Can you show me some other fonts too. Perhaps add something behind the name too like #49. and also move SPEER skateboards to the right of the caveman?
  • About #54, @BIMO83
    Hi, is the latest design is quite friendly?, or maybe you have another input, thanks
  • Smaller eyebrows, smaller nose and without dangling rope on spear #54
  • About #48, @BIMO83
    Hi, of course, I'll try to fix it.
  • About #48, @BIMO83 Thanks! Can you make his face a little friendlier looking? Smaller eyebrows, smaller nose, just a little friendlier.
  • here is my proposal of the logo.
    please let me know if you have anything you'd like to change

    your feedback is highly appreciated. #53
  • About #48, @BIMO83
    Hi, thanks for your rates, please do not hesitate to give feedback or suggestions, thanks :)
  • with background #48
  • the improvement, please check :) #47
  • About #45, @BIMO83
    Hi, thank you for your feedback, I'll fix it right away, thanks :)
  • About #45, @BIMO83 Very cool! Can you give him eyes and smaller eyebrows?
  • Hi, here's the color samples and text align you asked, I added wood grain to the background so that it looks more interesting, let me know what you think, hope you like it. Regards. #46
  • new design

    I hope you more like it and please give feedback because it will be very helpful, thank you #45
  • About #41, @Sergheiev Thanks! Can I see it with the SPEER SKATEBOARDS to the right side as well please? And possibly more color combinations so I can see how it looks? Thanks, this is looking great!
  • Hi, here's the logo with the character on another pose an some color options, hope you like it. Regards. #41