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The experience we have had using Design Contest was terrific. Sherie was incredibly helpful and we received a huge number of entries. I will recommend Design Contest to others and will probably use them again! What an awesome experience!! Michael W. Speer President/CEO Speer Wealth Management, Inc.


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Winning design #40 by GJR, Logo Design for Speer Wealth Management, Inc. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GJR

Project description

PREFER a logo to be to the left of the name. Prefer Speer Wealth to be on one line and in the same color (subsequent lines could be in other colors). Want the slogan line to read, "Intelligent Investment Strategies". Do not prefer block font. Logo to be used for website, letterhead, note pads, business cards, client promotional items (jackets, caps, pens, bags, etc). I want to make sure that my logo will be able to be used for an embroidered promotional item. We are a friendly, not stuffy financial advisory firm but need to project solidity, stability, dependability and trustworthiness. We pride ourselves in educating clients, using non traditional solutions for financial investments. We DO NOT want to be perceived as a bank or Wall Street firm and we DO NOT believe in riding investments down, we would rather go to cash and protect the assets and live to fight another day. We do investments and financial planning and social security coaching. We are wealth managers. Our client is typically fairly to very affluent. We have been advising investors through several historically terrible market corrections/crashes and in good times.

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  • Hello Mspeer, I've just submitted #1, and I would love to hear your feedback. And also work to getting what you need. Thank You So Much.
    • Im sorry but I would love to hear your feedback on #1. If you don't mind.. Thank You

    • Thank you for your entry. The 1st entry that you submitted looks a little too animated and a little too cartoonish for my taste. I am looking for a little more serious and distinguished without being too stuffy. I hope that I didn't steer you wrong with my initial explanation of what I was looking for. Michael

  • Good evening CH. My design #18 is in in the spirit of iconic symbols like Chase Bank where the emblem grows on the audience and when they see it they associate it with Speer Wealth. Feed back is appreciated.
  • Hello CH, I have submitted #16. I hope I am going in the right direction. Feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks, Paul
  • Thank you for the adjustments! Would you mind flipping the entire emblem so the solid blue (gold) is on the bottom so it doesn't look like a frown? Also, how would it look if it was turned on its side? Thank you! Michael
  • We like this design but not thrilled with the illustration in the middle of the circle. Would it look good with a small stock market, graph type illustration in the middle? I would also like to see the slogan, "Intelligent Investment Strategies" under the name to see what that looks like. Thank you
  • I prefer the name to be in one color and this color looks pink to me. Is there a darker, deeper burgundy color? I like the emblem on the side-great job.
  • Hi CH, Thank you for your feedback. I submitted #8, #9, with the colors and outlet you provided. Please let me know if you need any changes.
  • This design is not what I'm looking for at all. I'd like more personality, please. Thank you for submitting and I hope you'll submit more of you ideas. Michael
  • Thank you for looking at our website and using the colors from it. I also think that you may have tried to capture the feel of our website in the logo. Having said that, we are looking to perhaps make our website look a little more serious or dignified without making it stuffy or stodgy. I think I need a more serious look? Helpful or did I make it tougher?
  • I don't care for the spear. Could I see your thoughts on my comments on entry 6 and put the circle emblem to the left side of the name please?
  • I have received 7 entries so far and this seems to be the closest so far. I like the richness of the black background and what appears to me to be gold. Can you do the symbol and name in the blue and green (like our website colors)to see if it looks good or if it looks too youthful and not serious enough? Also burgundy and gray might be rich. I'm not sure the black background is what I'm looking for but it did strike me as a little more rich. I'm looking for rich and classy I think. Let me know if I have confused the issue or if my feedback makes sense. Thank you, Michael
  • Can we experiment a bit? How about reversing the colors on the artwork? The s in blue and bar graph in gold? Thank you! Michael
    • GJR

      Hi, I've submitted #81 with the colors reversed. Thanks!

  • The logo looks a little like a devil tail. Probably not our style (at work at least)! Thank you! Michael
    • I agree and I didn't notice before. I hope #64 will be fine with you.

    • #69 (and 62) is a response to your idea about stock arrow. It was never published before. Regards.

  • Prefer the artwork to be on the left side. Thank, Michael
    • I think this designer had withdrawn his design from "Stonebridge Wealth Management" Logo Contest...

    • Yes exactly. That contest is over and I withdrawn all my designs which are my copyrighted designs. The design is unique and original.

  • Wrong direction! Way too busy. Might be right for someone but probably not for us. We did, however, like the first one the best. Thanks, Michael
    • I agree... I see what you mean... it's too much.. tnx -sidney

  • We like your design however we prefer the following designs. I hope this helps. #40, 50, 54 these are the favorites and we also like 46. Thank you,
    • Thank you for rating my work. I really appreciate the generosity... Have a nice day! Now I can make it 2 more better designs, but I have to rest my eyes first, catch you later...

  • See new comments on our briefing page. Thank you for your submission. Michael
  • Very nice but not our look. Thank you! Michael
  • Probably not our style-maybe a little too Aztec looking for us. Nice design however. Thanks, Michael
  • Prefer logo to be on the left of the verbiage. Thank you for your submission! Michael