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Very pleased with the finished logo and looking forward to using it! With almost 200 entries, at least 50 or so were impressive. Communication with the designer was great and the responses fast. It was helpful to work with a designer in the same country, better communication, reaction time, and they seemed to have the best understanding of what we were looking for. Happy camper!


$300 paid

196 custom designs

54pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #178 by golinskic, Logo Design for Splash Print www.splashprint.com  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by golinskic

Project description

We are a print company that has a new machine for raised 3D spot gloss UV. Please see scodix.com (machine manufacturer). Will sell high-end printing with this cutting-edge print process. We are called Splash print because this print process works very well with water or imagery with water elements. We had imagined one or two of the colors might be shades of blue, although the logo doesn't need to necessarily need to be a specific number of colors, 1 color could work and multiple colors could work. Looking for something classy but that also has a little flare and 3D look to it as when we print it we will use this 3D spot gloss UV over the logo.  Feel free to email questions to: joel@presentationfolder.com 

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  • Check #191 pls

  • Sfi
    plz feedback #181
  • Only change I made if you are still interested in my design is less space in between the two words. #178
  • . #168
  • pls coment #146
    • @cyber6669 I like the symmetry of the shape and clear separation of colors, but do need it filled in

  • About #136, @art83 close. very good. let me think
  • About #134, @art83 pleas your feedback
  • What do you think about the font change? Let me know what you think. Thanks! #97
  • About #83, @Turtles2 I like the blue & grey colors, and like how the word splash is flashy with the word print looking more strong. Just thinking it might be a little too much flare on the word splash
  • Same logo with different possible variations. #83
  • About #30, @golinskic I still think this one might have the most potential. I don't know what the font needs but I like the drop
  • that is preview effect
  • Any more changes for #77?I was asking to blind so designer don't copy each other.
  • please blind contest entire contest
  • About #77, @aneela how do you make it look letterpress printed like that?
  • Please check#77 and let me your feedback.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for feedback Please can blind the contest? OK I will make these changes.

  • About #48, @aneela I like the font a lot for the word splash. maybe if the logo shape was in the 3 colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, with some gradients to give it a 3d look?
  • Logo for Splash #65
  • Logo for Splash Print #64