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Winning design #52 by udrexzph, Logo Design for Sport Performance Therapy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by udrexzph

Project description

We need an awesome logo to brand our company! Our company provides results driven, comprehensive treatments that create powerful movement, not just in the gym, but in life. Our target audience is Athletes. We believe that everyone is an athlete, if you can move you are an athlete. Professionals and weekend warriors. Moms of 3 that lug around 20lb toddlers. The image I doodled is simply an idea. I AM EXTREMELY OPEN TO DIFFERENT IDEAS AND EXCITED TO SEE WHAT YOU AND YOUR CREATIVE GENIUS SKILLS COME UP WITH!!

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  • I like there any way to add some dimension to it? Maybe to the circle?
    • No problems! I'll try my best. And one question: color are good ? Or need changr?

    • I like the colors, but please feel free to play with them.

  • I like the dimension you've given to the words but the opposite colors seems distracting to me.
  • I like the gradient colors. Could you play around with that some more. Maybe orange and blue or blue and red. The red and green reminds me of Christmas. The "r" in sport resembles and A.
  • Hi, meganearglemass I have a corrections,#10, #11, #12 and #13 and think about gold version #9, maybe you like gold version. I am open for other color style solution. Thanks again. Cheers krisdesign
  • Could you adjust the size of the font so that "sport" is less dominating in the image and "performance therapy" is more visible? Maybe reduce the space between the letters in sport?
  • hi ch ,I Just Uploaded #66 ,Is That OK With 'Fire' ,Please Tell Me What You Think About That Thank You And Have A Nice Day
  • Hi meganearglemass, just posted my entries #60 #61 #62 #63 hope you like it thank you.
  • I like the dimension. Could you change the colors to red and grey or blue/orange?
  • Please change this to read "sport" instead of "sports". Thank you!
  • Hello CH, What do you think of me entries? A clean, modern look.
  • #43 Hi CH I hope you like my design S P T " holding up a TORCH " best regards