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Winning design #251 by graphman, Logo Design for Sports and Prizes Contest
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designed by graphman

Project description


I am looking for a logo design for a fun website that will feature friendly sports betting.  I am hoping for a fun looking logo after all its game website.  The background will be black and you can use different colors than the ones I have specified if you like.

It will be great if you can incorporate a slogan (Daily Sports Battles).

Feel free to use the symbol '&' or even the letter 'N' instead of the word 'and' if you feel that it will enhance the logo. 

Also the prizes will NOT be in money, please avoid using money in the logo.

I would also like to see logos that are simpler and easy to read. That is rememberable. 



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  • #251 You've got mail... Beat the clock.
  • Hi @a_weid
    New entry #247
  • About #240, @graphman

    And also black and white version.
  • Hi @a_weid
    I have nade some tweaks to my design and produced entry #245. Do you have any final feedback, as we are approaching the end of the contest
  • About #240, @graphman

    Clean and sharp, awesome design. If we choose this design can you include icons/designs of each ball in a green square because we can use those as avatars for the site users?

  • switched baseball around with tennis ball to contrast more with the soccer ball. Also changed the thickness of the basketball lines. #238
  • Here are the designs with the suggested tweaks. #237 #236
  • About #225, @sjkelly07

    Very nice design. Can we see it with & symbol instead of 'n' and with white background as well. Also include the design without the balls in the same entry.

    • @a_weid Thank you for the feedback, please find a revised entry #227, #228 Regards SJK

    • @sjkelly07 The designs are great. Can you incorporate #227 and #228 into one entry? Thanks.

    • @a_weid Hope this is what you required #230 SJK

    • @sjkelly07 That looks awesome. If we choose this design will we be able extract only the round symbol with the SP inside it? The reason I ask is we might want to use the symbol only as an icon or as a user avatar throughout the site. We might want to have different colors of the symbol for to serve as avatar. Thanks

    • Hi @a_weid Yes if you choose this design, I can extract any part of the symbol you require. Also during the finalisation period, I can still play with colours at that stage. All the best SJK

    • @sjkelly07 That sounds great, thanks.

    • Hi @a_weid I have extracted the Circular element, to give you an idea #232. Colours can be changed to your request Regards SJK

  • Here are the designs with the suggested tweaks. #237 #236

  • An iconic design for a fun and still have the look of sports which give strength, energy, and more #233
  • little change.
    please give me advice anymore
    thanks. #231
  • Sorry sir i send too many of my designs
    once again I am sorry.
    thanks for giving me the opportunity to follow your contest #229
  • About #226, @Haidar

    This looks great. Please see my previous comment about the background color.

  • What do you think ? I hope a lot of you give me advice anymore
    thanks. #221
    • @Haidar The background color is still visible but this time is orange color. I am not sure how hard it is to get the background out but to make this design sharp the it must go. Thanks Thanks

  • Hi @a_weid
    Please find my entries #223, #224, #225, ratings and feedback greatly appreciated
  • little change from the previous one. #222
  • About #215, @Haidar

    Looks really good. One suggestion I would like to make, can you remove the the black background color in between the words. You can see it between 'PORT' on all these designs. The letter and not transparent. Also try white color for the fonts in that stand out more.
    • @a_weid okay I'll fix this. thanks for your suggestions and feedback.

  • About #220, @graphman

    Thanks for the changes. I like what you did with he hockey by going with the stick. Try to do the same with the tennis racket and put it behind the boy and then you can remove the tennis ball if you want. I liked the way tje name was before, now it looks little clustered and hard to read.

  • About #210, @graphman

    The jersey looks really good and also moving the baseball and the bat are great moves. I just feel little uneasy about the tennis ball being balanced on top of the football by this boy. Also the hockey puck on the basketball. I am not sure where could put them but consider maybe moving them. I know there is not a lot time left, but this design is growing on us. On the site we plan to be giving sport stuff as prizes such as jersey and other gear and equipment as well. Maybe you want to experiment with that.

    • Thank you. Got it. I have an idea. Brb. About #210, @a_weid

  • i hope you rate my designs.
    thanks. #212