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Winning design #7 by Innerscape, Logo Design for Sports Management webtool & mobile app needs logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Innerscape

Project description

For our new Webtool and related mobile apps we need a new logo.
The main purpose of the webtool/apps is to manage/arrange sportteams. (things to arrange/manage for example are: signing in for matches, signing in for training, washing, driving etc...) Some examples of our competitors are and and

our name will be: TeamApp
Capital 'T' and 'A' no space between 'Team and App'
our secundary title is 'perfect play' this secundary title will be translated later in a country's own language.
secondary title preferably also present in logo.

TeamApp is a tool that cover ALL sports, so needs the logo, not particular soccer, hocky or football.
The primary name and secundary name needs to be in the logo
No sportsballs in the logo (this will focus to much on one or some particular sports)

Look & feel of the logo: Sports, Action, Management, Team, Simple, Vintage, Crisp & Clear, Easy

Vitage look and feel in use of colours is what we like. Some examples of colors we like and

For questions:
do not hesitate to contact us

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  • Designers this is a logo contest. The contest holder has not requested backgrounds or anything else besides the "logo"
  • nice original design, but it reminds us too much on just soccer.
  • please keep 'perfect play' font same as #7
  • Thank you....I will throw #44 out then. Did you like the color changes in #40?
  • I liked the initial font of 'TeamApp' better then this one
  • thanks again! here are my revisions #46 and #45.. larger "perfect play". thanks!
  • CH, I uploaded entry #40, to show you a darker color scheme. These are the same shades you said that peaked your interest, so I thought I would show you what my design looked like with them. I also uploaded entry #44 with a different style font.
  • Thanks for quick update, can you make text 'perfect play' a bit bigger (wider) so it fits nicer.
  • thanks for the feedback.. here is my revision on your requested color combination and the text "perfect play" is now below the logo..thanks!
  • Thanks for the quick update, i am curious how the design looks with same color, but attributed differently.
  • nice! could you revise it with new colors? the colors of design #17 and #18
  • Nice, could you also make a version based on colors of design #17 and #18
  • no dark brown please. and a bit more playful would be nice
  • would like to see a more play full design. no dark-brown please
  • please only full name of 'TeamApp' no abbreviation
  • 'perfect play' below 'teamapp' and make it more playful
  • please no dark-brown
  • please more vintage
  • Please more vintage look
  • Dear CH, Thanks for the feedback, I'll be posting revisions in the next hours. Regards, -- jjy