Sports Management webtool & mobile app needs logo

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Winning design #7 by manila, Logo Design for Sports Management webtool & mobile app needs logo Contest
Gold Medal


  • Designers this is a logo contest. The contest holder has not requested backgrounds or anything else besides the "logo"
  • nice original design, but it reminds us too much on just soccer.
  • please keep 'perfect play' font same as #7
  • Thank you....I will throw #44 out then. Did you like the color changes in #40?
  • I liked the initial font of 'TeamApp' better then this one
  • thanks again! here are my revisions #46 and #45.. larger "perfect play". thanks!
  • CH, I uploaded entry #40, to show you a darker color scheme. These are the same shades you said that peaked your interest, so I thought I would show you what my design looked like with them. I also uploaded entry #44 with a different style font.
  • Thanks for quick update, can you make text 'perfect play' a bit bigger (wider) so it fits nicer.
  • thanks for the feedback.. here is my revision on your requested color combination and the text "perfect play" is now below the logo..thanks!
  • Thanks for the quick update, i am curious how the design looks with same color, but attributed differently.
  • nice! could you revise it with new colors? the colors of design #17 and #18
  • Nice, could you also make a version based on colors of design #17 and #18
  • no dark brown please. and a bit more playful would be nice
  • would like to see a more play full design. no dark-brown please
  • please only full name of 'TeamApp' no abbreviation
  • 'perfect play' below 'teamapp' and make it more playful
  • please no dark-brown
  • please more vintage
  • Please more vintage look
  • Dear CH, Thanks for the feedback, I'll be posting revisions in the next hours. Regards, -- jjy