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Winning design #259 by sankaridewari, Logo Design for Sports Surfaces (UK) Contest
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designed by sankaridewari

Project description

Sports Surfaces (UK) Ltd is a British family-run company that supplies and installs durable, resilient, multi-functional indoor sports floors and has been doing so since 1993. It works mainly with sports venues and educational facilities across the UK and Ireland but also supplies and installs a specialist cricket surface in many of the cricketing nations. SSUK specialises in new build installations and full refurbishment packages and takes a great deal of care over each project that it completes. SSUK is looking for a logo that: - Includes the full company name of, "Sports Surfaces UK" - May or may not contain words or slogans i.e. an advertising “strap-line” - That is clean and sleek, will print well and is easy to replicate if printed on a pen/cup/sticker etc. (it is acceptable to have monochromatic or otherwise simpler versions of the logo for such purposes) - Colours are modern – SSUK does like the “Red, white and blue” theme but think the colours may be a little ‘stark’ so perhaps softer versions or gradients might work - Gives a positive, modern feel whilst not appearing clinical SSUK is trying to say that it is a modern, professional, well-run company that is here to stay. They are big enough to do the job well and on time but small enough to give individual customer care. On the link below, SSUK likes the Eat Innovations, Freedom, Human and Loveclip logos. SSUK also likes the 'hidden meaning concepts' within a lot of the logos at the link below.

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  • #15 I revised to read "Sports" instead of "Sport". Apologies for the mix-up.
  • hi roadsweeper I have just submitted my design #11 . I would like to know your opinion about it . I hope you like it and Thanks
  • Hi roadsweeper Here are my designs #5, #6, #7, #9 and #10. I'm waiting for your feedback for any changes or revision. Have a nice day Thanks wengcharl
  • Dear Sports Surfaces (UK), Here are my first entries, #18, #19 and #20. Kind regards, Liz
  • New design on #75 .
  • New design on #69 .
  • About #67 I tried to create something that was easily "brand-able". The flexibility you have when your logo is packaged into a shape (rectangle) is great when attempting to print on merchandise such as hats, stickers, t-shirts, etc. You don't run into the issue of the logo running too long or tall, causing you to shrink it down. You also have the option of using the "S's" without the words as a secondary logo or icon. The colors are generally what you had asked for while adding a darker more sportier feel. The diamond or sparkle in the middle represents the expectation of a clean, professional job well done which they can expect from Sports Surfaces. I also added the logo in black and white over black background and a white background. Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to change or do different. Thanks for the opportunity!
  • About #65 S in a red ball (red to represent cricket ball). Hope you'll like it.
  • About #54 I apologize about this wrong word, please never mind it.
  • hi i just sent a couple of design entry 38, 39 just wondering if you have something in mind that we could touch a little in the design.. thanks
  • #22 I forgot an "S" for Sports so i resubmitted my design #34 with the correction, i did a black and white version with no text to see how the logo will look stand alone. the floor has the letter S embedded in it and the "2" is the S to the power of 2.simple clean and different.
  • CH, Please review my submissions, #26 and #27 . I designed them based upon your requests of a sleek, modern logo and with the inspiration of the example logos you liked/provided. #26 is supposed to emulate indoor cricket flooring, while #27 is directed toward sports in general. It's a different direction than most of the other submissions, so please let me know if you would like to see any changes! Thank you for your time. xxkelsey
  • CH, First off, please disregard entry #24, somehow an "S" in Sports got dropped during the design process. However, I would love to hear any feedback/tweaks you would like made on #25! Thanks!
  • To ch about #23. This is the logo I came up with for your company. The websites you provided were inspirational, so I wanted to come up with something cool. The outside of the indoor arena is actually two s's (sport surfaces)which borders the floors to the surface that you guys would lay in the indoor arena. feedback would be great. thanks for your time.
  • TO CH. If there was t be any surface in your logo, for what sport would you want it to be?
  • Dear CH, Sorry to my earlier work, where I forgot the letter "s" regards
  • Hi roadsweeper Here are my designs #5 , #6 , #7 , #9 and #10 . I'm waiting for your feedback for any changes or revision. Have a nice day Thanks wengcharl
  • CH, mine are #155 and #156 Thank You for feedback, Sir.
  • #145 #146 Please eliminate. It's too close to other designer's entry. Apologies to Manila, my fault... Jctoledo
  • hi CH ,i've submitted my design #141.i drew cricket sticks in the middle of the text and beside 'S' .. hope you like it.Thankyou