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Winning design #45 by Montong, Logo Design for sprecht.ag Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Montong

Project description

Dear Designer, sprecht.ag is an online platform where students as well as their parents can book appointments with their teachers directly online. I am looking for a professional designer who can design me an awesome logo. Afterwards I will start a 2nd design-contest with a redesign of the current homepage. I don't want to give you too many restrictions concerning the logo. All I am asking for is that the logo looks trustworthy and most importantly top-notch! Really just submit whatever idea you come up with!! I am really, really, really looking forward to your suggestions. Should you require further information, please do not hestitate to ask :-) Have a good day! UPDATE 07/26/2013 9.47 PM: Some designers already uploaded their first entries. Maybe it would be a good idea to relate the logo to the project a bit more. Single letters - even if they look nice - might not be sufficient to give visitors an idea about what this project is about. Maybe you want to include students/teachers/calendars/schools/........... in the logo. Really, just give your best and I am sure there will be some great logos coming up!

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  • Hello Contest Holder, I've uploaded entry #15, the concept of which is a mark made up of a mix of a speech bubble and a calendar mark (circle-the-date), it's stylized to look like pencil or chalk. I've positioned it where the URL dot would be to emphasize the peculiar URL but not have to use a dot. I lightened the color of the last two letters to reinforce the effect. I hope you like the idea. Do let me know if there are any alterations you would like. Thank you for the consideration.
    • Hi vfdez, I really like the way you seperated sprecht from ag by using two different colors. However, I am not sure if visitors will understand the meaning of the circle. For me, it was only clear after I read your comment. But then I liked it. Any ideas how to make it clearer? Thanks!

  • Future Entries: Please try to convey the idea of the platform together with the logo. Visitors should understand what sprecht.ag is about.
  • Hello! I submitted #11. Did you have any thoughts or suggestions about the design?
    • sorry but I didn't like it that much... it's almost impossible to read anything written and the meaning is not clear either...

  • Hello Alexander. I have submitted some entries #4, #3, #2. Could you please give any feedback about them? Thanks
    • Hi bysaule, thank you very much for your entries! Out of your entries, #4 is my favorite. I like the combination of the colors a lot. However, I am not sure if this logo fits my needs since people might not understand how this logo is related to an online platform where students/parents can book appointments with teachers. I am going to update the project Brief right now to give you a better impression on what I am looking for. But again, thank you very much for your entries! You are defenitely talented :-)

    • - updated Brief

    • Thanks for feedback. I really appreciate that. I will try to do another logo design.

  • I forgot to mention that "Sprechtag" is a german word and can therefore not be written as "Sprecht" as I saw in the first entry. Sprecht.ag however, will be the domain name.
    • What were your thoughts on the overall style of the first one?

    • I thank you very much for your submit but unfortunately it's not my type. I am not sure what to think of the box around the S. Also I think it's not too "special" with just a serief font. But really, thank you again and you are very welcome to submit another design idea if you have one :-)

  • Sorry but before submitting a serious entry make sure that you are actually writing the platform's name correctly.
    • Oh my.. Didn't realize it.. If I fix it can I put the design back?

  • Hello CH, I've uploaded entry #32. The idea is to make it look like a calendar. I need your feedback to make it better. Thanks!
  • Hello Contest Holder, Thank you for your comments. I've uploaded entry #29 with variations on my original entry (#15), with the hopes that these carry through the concept a little clearer. It's a good idea to try these out with friends and colleagues, as new concepts can often be subtle to grasp. Ideally it'll be subtle, but not too subtle. Hope you like these a little better, though, and don't hesitate to comment further or request any changes. Thanks again for the consideration.
  • Hi watz, I like your entry! Could you also make a red version of it and remove the "."? It was vfdez idea in #15 to only use colors to seperate and I really like it. Thanks!
    • About #28 Hi CH good day...This is the revised of entry #12 i make a red version and removing the "." as u requested, by the way thanks for the feedback Sir alexander1 I'm glad that im working on you, feel free to ask some changes so that i can change it as soon as i can...And Im looking forward for the feedback in this design...Thanks again and God bless!!! Sincerely watz,

  • Hi sajid! Thanks for your entry! What were your thoughts about this bird? In what relation is it to students booking appointments online with their teachers? I'd really appreciate it if you'd come up with another idea about how to convey the message of sprecht.ag into one single logo. Maybe by using a symbol other to that of the bird? Also, I think it would be a good idea to remove the dot between sprecht and ag since sprechtag is one single German word and ag is only the domain ending (maybe by using 2 colours as vfdez did in #15)... Thanks again for your entry - I really appreciated it! Looking forward to another entry :-)
    • hi thankyou for your feedback is submitted #21 which including a small graduation cap on the bird head which your visitor know that it is a study site and matter relating with the study. hope you like it

    • Hi sajid! I do like it! But what happened to the blue and green version? Also, could you provide a red version please? Thank you!!


    • some think missing in the cap now the cap is complete submitting #23

  • Hi bysoule, I like the idea of this student-cap in entry #16. Could you try using the cap in this logo http://www.logoground.com/logo.php?id=1653 instead of yours? I'd prefer that. Also, I like vfdez idea in #15 of seperating sprecht and ag by color only. Thanks
  • Thanks for your entry - I like the idea! But please provide it with background color #252525 since that will be the background of the header. Read the comments for more details. Thanks again!
    • thank you for the feedback, what about my other designs, please feedback also thank you ..

  • Hi sajid, I really liked your blue and green birds you submitted in #23. But unfortunately they do not look good on a background with color #252525. Also #39 is not my taste. Could you try finding the right color combination of the bird so it looks good on that particular background? Also, I think it would be a good idea to give the cap and the bird a different color so it is easier to understand what the bird is wearing. Thank you!!
  • Dear Designers, thank you very much for your hard work so far. I am deeply impressed by the quality of your designs! I have tried some of your logos in the header of the website. While looking good on the DC site, most of them look weird on the page itself. That is because I am using #252525 as background color. I would encourage you to adapt the logo so it looks good on this background as well. Thank you very much in advance!!
  • Hi Nat82, thank you very much for your entry! It actually made me giggle a little :-) Could you provide me a version which looks good on a #252525 background? Also please move the text to the right side of the speech bubbles cause the header is not all to big and it would look better in one row. Thank you very much in advance!
  • Dear contest holder, I'm sorry but design contest forbids the communication between designers and clients outside of our site. You can discuss all in the comment section. You cannot exchange emails or give other personal info. All the designs should be uploaded to the entries section and after you choose the winner, you will get the source files to the logo. Thanks.
  • thanks for your entry but not sure how the platform is related to an apple...