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Designer Gazio and the help team were wonderful to work with. I got many submissions and lots of nice ideas. I had a frustrating experience with an inexperienced designer but the support team allowed me to have designer Gazio step in instead, and his(?) prompt revisions to finish the contest were wonderful. I ended up with a design I love in all the formats with all the information I needed to move forward with my materials.

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Winning design #198 by gazio, Logo Design for Sprout Pediatrics Contest
Gold Medal

designed by gazio

Project description

Sprout Pediatrics will be a tiny, independent pediatric office based on connection and long term relationships. Using my 15 years of experience practicing pediatrics and my knack for teaching and communicating I will team with parents to help them raise whole, healthy kids. I support families with education, resources and advice and at Sprout I can take the time needed to accomplish all this. 

I want a logo that conveys growth, smallness, life, and freedom from constraints. Since the name Sprout popped into my head I've seen the tendrils of a pea plant in my mind. I also want to show sprouting but have the emphasis on the baby plant, not the seed. I would like to have a 1 or 2 color logo scheme based on green, and have 2-3 options for uses: one wordless logo (the sprout), one image with "Sprout Pediatrics" integrated with the logo, and another option that might include the sprout plus one word or the sprout with full name and address information. Ideally, the sprout itself would be scalable. The logo and name should be very easy to read and work well in greyscale. They will be used on signs, letterhead, business cards, advertising and sponsorships, patient questionnaires and handouts, website and social media. Being able to embroider the logo onto fabric would be a plus. I would like to start with the logo design itself, but am open to collaborating on some or all of the materials above with a designer who 'gets' my intent.

I have written additional details about my practice approach below for those who may find it helpful. 

I help families help their kids to grow and thrive through an understanding of child development and evidence based medicine. I practice minimalist medicine with a solid framework in conventional pediatric medical science. I am not an 'alternative provider', but I do believe that our choices must be made with an understanding of how they affect others and the planet. I see my role as educating and advising parents as they provide the support their kids need to grow into themselves. I practice Montessori-style pediatrics, incorporating observation, careful analysis of information, choice and respect for the natural world. Children grow at their own speeds, and it is impossible to separate their parts. Physical, emotional, educational, social and personal growth are interdependent and how we raise our kids should reflect that. 

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  • thanks for the revisions. I like this one, and am ready to take a few to a vote. You could use the sprout/'P' in a circle logo as you did in 192, right? just a plain circle or the double circle with name inside? #198
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  • arc under p like in 106/33, dark brown; 'pediatrics' in same dark brown. #157
  • Please use the sprout from 106 with an extra leaf (more like 33) in light green here. #157
  • Make this S capital; keep the whole word dark green. #157
  • I like these so much I held on to them, but they're not quite the direction I want to go. Thank you for entering! #43 #40