The graphic designers are great to work with and it's a smooth concept. However, it's rather pricey compared to other sites and doesn't offer the ability to send files to the selected winner with suggested changes and therefore I had to bounce between email and the site. All things aside, we love our final logo.

$275 paid

149 custom designs

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Winning design #138 by quelita, Logo Design for SPUDS Contest
Gold Medal

designed by quelita

Project description

We need a unique look for our food truck. In a sea of trucks, first impressions are everything. We serve loaded bbq potatoes with freshly cooked options that are bursting with flavor.  

We are seeking a logo that reflects our personality - a little unconventional, yet familiar. In many ways we look at the potato the same way as we do life - it can just be a plain boring brown experience, or it can be an exciting, passionate affair. We're drawn towards an old-time or industrial and rustic look with a little flair. 

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  • can you try fonts like #100? We want some chalkboard faded looks.. #134
    • JM

      @gkinross4 hello CH i cannot fine the fonts like #100

    • @JM Can you do any different fonts to try out?

    • JM

      @gkinross4 ok i will do that

    • JM

      @gkinross4 hello CH I research font,, wait for submitted,, i have new submitted #141 kindly check

    • JM

      @gkinross4 Hello CH How are You? do you like to buy my design,, I sell you 97 dollars

  • JM
    kindly check this one CH hope this is the best of you #148
  • JM
    hope you like the fonts,, #146
  • JM
    Please check my new update hope you like #141
  • Hello and thanks again for the feedback. I was working for a while on trying to incorporate some of the design style from the top design but unfortunately I couldn't come up with anything that I really liked -- it felt like there was just too much going on with so many shapes. Instead I came up with two new styles that I hope you will like. Both have a vintage/rustic badge style feel. Please let me know if you would like to see any other changes! Best, Quelita #139
    • JM

      @quelita hello what font you used,, can i tell you what fonts please.

  • Here is one other idea that I had where the potato was so loaded and heavy that it weighed down the letters in the logo. Let me know if you want to see any changes! Best, Quelita #131
    • @quelita Hi! We love your designs, we are having a hard time deciding. we would like to see what you can do similar to JM refer to #122 or any of his designs. I would if you merged your ideas with his how it would turn out! thanks!

  • Hi CH This is my first submitted in your contest hope you like #136
  • JM
    About #134, @JM hello CH kindly check this one,, i change the stars hope you like
    • @JM Hi, we are trying to decide which stars we like better..

    • JM

      @gkinross4 Ok I wait for your decide,, thank

  • Can you change the font? we like the chalk board faded look, theres some other submissions that have fonts we like better. refer to #96 and #98 for fonts #122
  • JM
    Hello CH kindly check this one i used the font courier new #133
  • Please let me know if you like this version of the baked potato better. And also, if you wold like to see any other changes please let me know! Best, Quelita #129
  • hi! we like this better! can we delete some of the starts to make it look less busy? Thanks! #112
    • JM

      About #112, @gkinross4In ok i delete the star in the top

    • JM

      @gkinross4 hello CH did you see my new updated hope you like and feedback,, if have changes..

  • JM
    here your request #122
  • With potato plant filigrees :D #121
  • we like this, but its a little too busy.. #114
  • We love this a lot! can we play around with it a little more? We would like to see the butter a little different just so it doesn't look like an egg if that makes sense.. #100
    • About #100, @gkinross4 haha I didn't realize it looked a bit like an egg but I see it now! I'll refine that and upload a new submission soon. Thanks!

  • JM
    here your request,, #111
  • Simple one color version with the changes you mentioned. #110
  • I do like this one more, maybe get rid of the word baked all together. maybe more black and white, i like the rounder potato like the one in the picture i uploaded if you can take a look at that.. #109
  • instead of "bbq potatoes" can you say 'get loaded' and delete the get baked. we love your design a lot we are having a hard time deciding between you and another! #102