Square Logo for DesignContest

This is exactly what we were looking for! Thanks a bunch!

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Winning design #131 by morabira , Logo Design for Square Logo for DesignContest Contest
Gold Medal

designed by morabira

Project description

We need a square logo for DesignContest that will be used as avatars as well as on Social Sites like Facebook. You can use our current logo as a base. Please download it from our forum here: https://www.designcontest.com/forum/development-designcontest-com/18248-new-designcontest-logo.html

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  • take a look my next entry.. suggestion and comments are very welcome to improve the look of the logo
  • I reworked the words to make them larger still keeping with the square design
  • Can you try changing DC Logo (half heart) to the original colors?
  • Much better looking! any other ideas?
  • Don't like the black/blue boarder
  • If you want to continue pesuing this idea I'd pick #97. Can you try changing the "cloud/idea" area?
  • too dark
  • too dark, not catchy enough
  • Hello all! First of all thank you for the great work! This contest will run for another 48 hours and then we will pick the winner. Please try to accomplish the following: 1) Logo isn't tilted, try to use the original (white blue) colors, or gray and blue if this doesn't fit with your background 2) Overall Light/bright color logo. 3) Needs to stand out on Facebook among other icons 4) Need to include the "creative" concept and not just Logo with "DesignConcept" To see how your logo will look with FB post click Share Contest and scroll through thumbnails until you see your logo.
  • "designContest" is too small to read
  • I guess this is DC "Thinking" of the logo? good idea, but cclark413 is already trying to peruse this concept
  • good idea...but hard to read "Design Contest"
  • difficult to read "Design Contest" - I don't think this background will work
  • don't like the dark background. Need better quality
  • If this logo is small then it's difficult to read "design"
  • Can you please try removing little logos?
  • Oops, I meant #108 below in my description.
  • #108 #97 I was hoping to portray "brainstorming". A place where designers could come together in discussion and great new ideas. I thought #97 was very symbolic in that the text (discussion) lays in the bottom speech bubble, while the design (art) lays in the idea cloud. And that they are directly related.
  • #111 is showing someone else's design when hovered over or enlarged, the small design you see is correct.
  • Clouds represent an idea or thought, which all designing is about - good ideas. Notice the speech notch coming off. Also, being that this was for social media platforms, I felt communication was important - since - that is what you do on social media platforms - communicate. Either way, I have already put an extreme amount of time into my submissions, which I, for one really like. Good luck with your contest. May the best design win.