St. John Beach Bum

We were quite pleased with all the designers. They each brought a design that was creative and unique. The most difficult part of this process was choosing ONE winner. They are all winners! Great concept; so glad to have found you!

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Winning design #53 by operhal, Logo Design for St. John Beach Bum Contest
Gold Medal

designed by operhal

Project description

St. John Beach Bum is seeking a new logo.

UPDATED - 9-12-14 - 3 days, 20hrs left
We are very pleased with the designs we have seen so far and will be rating and making comments shortly.  With the remaining time in the contest, we would also like to evaluate some simple, sophisticated designs.  Logos defined by a font alone or a font and simple image (e.g. Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Tommy Bahama).  

Along similar lines, we could also envision an oval-shaped logo with St. John Beach Bum in the middle.  One idea was to have the perimeter of the oval defined by a palm tree on either side and "St. John Beach Bum" in the middle...perhaps in a hammock, perhaps not.  

We're very pleased with the more playful designs, and want to continue encouraging submissions in that style.  For those designers who specialize in simple and sophisticated, we'd love to see your creations as well.

Located on a quirky exotic tropical island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. John Beach Bum offers its guests beach gear rentals, beach gear retail, T-shirts & souvenirs, and guided excursions (hiking, kayaking, snorkeling).  As donkeys roam free throughout the island, we've considered using a donkey to personify the "Beach Bum".  That could include a simple donkey image or silhouette, an ornery donkey (Garfield/Bart Simpson/Bugs Bunny-ish), a donkey on a hammock between to palm trees, or a completely different direction.

Whichever direction the artist chooses to go, the logo should reflect a laid-back, irreverent, carefree attitude.  Ideally, the logo will be slightly edgy, but still have broad appeal to our upper middle-class family vacationers.  T-shirts and branded items (shot glasses, mugs, etc...) should also be taken into consideration.  Our goal is to create an iconic brand so that no visitor to St. John will want to leave without one of our t-shirts or branded pieces of merchandise.

Finally, it is important to include the "St. John" in St. John Beach Bum.  "Beach Bum" is an existing brand and we'd rather they not sue us.  As much as we appreciate creative fonts/designs, our tentative logo has been criticized for not being very legible.  That said, we remain very open-minded and look forward to your designs.

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  • Hi there~ I created one more for your consideration with a revised font and palm tree to see if you like. Cheers! PaintedPony #61
  • Dear CH, please check this new design. I hope you will like it. #53
  • I mocked up the logo on a golf shirt, ball cap and canvas beach bag to give you an idea of how it could look on merchandise. #51
  • I created a mockup to show what the logo could look like embroidered onto apparel such as a golf shirt or ball cap. See what you think. Thanks, PaintedPony #38
    • @PaintedPony We really like this design. Can we see it with some more vibrant colors? Not too bright but just a little more color. Thanks, Kara

    • @stjbeachbum Hi Kara~ Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you are liking the logo. I made the colors a little brighter/more vibrant and added a sunset gradient to the 'Beach Bum' logotype. Let me know what you think: #50 Thanks, PaintedPony

  • Hi there~ Thanks for the ratings on #26 and #27. I modified the logo to include just the palm tree to see if you like and mocked up on a beach coverup to give you an idea of how it could look. #36
  • Dear CH, please check this version. I hope you will like it. #35
  • Really like this...would like to see some different fonts...would like to see the B's look identical in this font...we do like this font but would like to see a couple more #19
    • We'd also like to see it without the underline.

  • We don't love this logo on a shirt like this..not sure why. Can you show us what it might look like as a small logo on the left breast of a shirt..and maybe on a woman's tank top #18
  • We really like this logo but would like to see the oval defined by palm trees from your other submission and another version with a singular palm tree going between beach and bum #21
  • GJR
    Hello. I have submitted design #30 for you. The preview looks a bit blurry so please click here (#30) and view the full resolution image. It is playful but also clean and simple so it will easily transfer to any merchandise and displays well at any size. Let me know if you would like to see any variations. Thank you.
  • Hi, I designed #2, how can I improve your logo? Thanks!
  • On this version, I created a donkey holding a St. John sign. Hope you like the concepts. Thanks, PaintedPony #27
  • Hello~ I designed a couple new comps for your review. On this version, I created a simple donkey kicking up his heels wearing a rasta-colored blanket. #26
  • Need feedback on #25 Thank you. :)
  • Change the sky color and tweaked the donkey. Thanks #20
  • Hi CH, I submit this proposal for your consideration. Thanks #13
  • Hi again, first I want you to show new drawing - and later on we can change the colors. I tried to make sun more vibrant but for this kind of logo/illustration is just too aggressive. Pastel colors are better options. But i will try. #9
  • We REALLY like your logos...both of them. I'm not sure how easy it is to adjust, but one owner would like to see more tropical colors (blues and greens), one would like to see a touch of Rasta coloring (red, yellow, green), and one would like to see the sun a gradient of orange to yellow sunset colors on the sun. Again, we really like both. With the donkey in the hammock, could it "lounge" more like a human, as opposed to its cat-like/legs-tucked-under look? Thanks so much for your efforts!

    This was for Operhal...sorry for any confusion.
    • @stjbeachbum Thank you. I will start working on correction and I will post is soon as possible.

  • Hey Z- We like the donkey's "attitude" and positioning, but we have mixed opinions regarding the blending of photos and cartoon. I think we'd like a different font as well. Thank you for your efforts! #8
  • Hello stjbeachbum~ I designed a logo for your consideration that features a donkey frolicking and kicking up his heels having a "kick-a$s" time on the beach. :) I created with a beachy weathered look and also created a mockup on a shirt and shot glass. Hope you like the concept. Kind regards, PaintedPony #4
    • @PaintedPony Good afternoon, We like the basic concept, but I think we like the logo more without the beach background (btw, is that Trunk Bay?...kinda looks like it). The shot glass and T-shirt applications appeal to us more than the beach image. Also, I think we'd prefer more of a donkey-look than horse-look. In fact, a more "humble", "dumber"-looking donkey would be more to our liking. Thank you so much for your efforts!

    • @stjbeachbum Hi Andrew~ Thanks so much for the feedback and ratings. Regarding #4, that is Trunk Bay in the background. :) The background photo is not actually part of the logo, I just placed the logo on the photo to give you an idea of how it could look on a website for example. I will work on revising the donkey. Cheers! PaintedPony