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Winning design #87 by gogi71, Logo Design for St Michaels Senior Care Contest
Gold Medal

designed by gogi71

Project description

We are a private pay senior care company in Texas.  

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  • Here are some helpful info:
  • Please check, thanks. #124
    • @gogi71 I selected one of your works as the winner. Did you get notified? my email is so we can communicate. I need it in a vector file.

    • @ccain Hi, thanks. There is no need for email. When you select me as a winner we have 7 days to finalize the logo, and we can communicate here on this site.

  • This is going to be the winner. Make the "Senior Care" the same color as "St Michaels" and make the line a bold gold color. #103
  • @ccain please check my entry #94
  • Check now, thanks #107
  • make the gold more bold. along with the font. #96
  • Also, try it with a capital T. #96
  • Please put a period after the "t". #96
  • The blue heart and the star signifies the origin of your company (Texas) hence the lone star. Your feedback will be deeply appreciated. #82
  • The T is great. Make the adjustments with the line on this one. #53
    • @ccain @ccain good day CH... thank you very much for this feedback.. i submit entry #57 the latest submission.. thanks and regards...

  • Make the St the same color as Michaels and place the line the entire way between the st Michaels and senior care. #48
  • Make the line solid between St Michael and senior care and make it purple. #53
  • Change the gold to a brighter gold. Make the lines or bars purple. #18
  • Needs an apostrophe after L. #19
  • Change the lines to purple. #38
  • Please change the lines to purple as well. Make the purple darker. #39
  • Also, please add the possessive to the "S". #20
  • Also, on one of the mock ups, please add "People Caring for People" in cursive. #20
  • Please change the gold to a brighter gold. Make the lines the same color AND an option with Purple. This logo should win as soon as you make those changes. Congrats! #20
  • Change the font and move the button to the left of the name. Use Yellow and black and Navy and gold. #2
    • @ccain Thank you for the feedback. I have made the changes requested and the result is #23. Regards, Glen.