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Winning design #124 by kalicodesigner, Logo Design for Stacks Burgers Shakes and Fries Contest
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designed by kalicodesigner

Project description

I need a redesign for a current logo/sign.  I want to remove the Burger/Fry portion of the Logo and replace with something more current.  I also want to make the logo as a whole, more rustic - incorporate metals, reclaimed wood, etc.  I wand to update our exterior sign so the new logo will be back-lit.  You can see our logo at  Last I want the Burgers, Shakes and Fries to be removal so we market ourselves as just Stacks as well.

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  • Hi there, working with the feel of you old logo, i made the font a more rustic one. Also designed it like a cut out which are usually ideal for backlit signs. #124
    • @kalicodesigner Hi there. I'd like to give you the winning bid but I need to know you if you can make some adjustments I'm looking for. I need to see the logo with different color variations - using our existing colors - to use for our shirts, hats, etc. I also need to see an alternate logo incorporating some metal/reclaimed wood via the background for signage purposes. Can you do this for me?

    • @sb141733 Ok thank you very much... Sure those adjustments can be made. I can have samples of those ready for you.

    • @sb141733 I checked your site again just to see some examples of color shirts etc. I'd be please to do mock up samples with different color logo on different color shirts so you can just see how well things work together. The logo on a metal/reclaimed wood background sounds like a good idea. I can do all that for you to make you rebranding a success.

  • Hi there, I'd like to pick you as the winner but I need to know if you can make some necessary adjustments. I need Stacks to be 'enclosed' similar to our existing logo. I need Burgers Shakes Fries to be changed to Hand Crafted Burgers and I need to see a logo for shirts, hats, etc and a sign option - incorporating reclaimed wood/metals. Can you do this for me if I choose you as the winner? #89
  • entry #213
  • I like you this contest .
    If there is still a shortage , or next to you do not hesitate to tell me , I 'll fix it right away .
    thanks. :) #211
  • I like you this contest .
    If there is still a shortage , or next to you do not hesitate to tell me , I 'll fix it right away .
    thanks. :) #210
  • Sir,please check my design. #209
  • feedback please! thank you! #201
  • Clean made logo design with rustic style, give some classic feel to the mind. Absolutely possible to any modification you want . #196
  • Please check my design #164. Thanks
  • please give your feed back :) thanks~ #140
  • Good day CH, Kindly please check my entry for your requirements, Thank you and God bless! #136
  • Good day CH, kindly please review my entry, Thanks #135
  • stacks, with a giant squeezed burger #133
  • Please check and feedback
  • please check my design hope you like it, thanks #120
  • please your feedback. #119
  • how about this one? #117
  • 1 #110
  • @sb141733 plz feedback #99
  • The wooden background is illustrative, you can use any background. If you want to see the logo in another color or if you want other changes, let me know. Regards. #92