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Winning design #94 by 3B-Designs, Logo Design for Staff O'clock Contest
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designed by 3B-Designs

Project description

Staff O'Clock Limited

SOC is a software tool specifically designed to manage all your employee scheduling requirements.
In both an app format for on the road/immediate access and as a standalone website, SOC looks to comprehensively handle all aspects of staff diarizing, rotering of shift work for both permanent and temporary shift work. 

We know how time consuming manual entry takes in you business and SOC is designed specifically with this in mind; the simplest of systems to handle the most complex of client staffing requirements, across any industry sector and with a tangible reduction in the time your consultants need to spend on manual input. 

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  • Here it is CH @sergio1 ! Waiting for your valuable feedback CH :) #94
  • Very nice. Can you add it to the previous set of logos?
    We just started working on the website and we really don't know which version is suitable for the landing page. Also we really like the mobile app logos. Well done!
    • @sergio1 Your welcome CH ! I will send this logo with the other versions in a single entry soon :)

  • There you go CH @sergio1. The logo in landscape format without the "LTD". Waiting for your valuable feedback on this one #93
  • We really like the 6 versions of the logo. Can you create a new one in landscape format like this one without the LTD? Thanks #50
    • @sergio1 Glad that you like the logo design CH. Sure ! I will post the logo in the required format as a separate entry asap.

  • #86 give feedback for better design,thanks
  • please feedback me? thanks #79
  • This logos i use illustration from 4 objects. They are people, symbol of watch, letter "S" and hat of worker. #72
  • I make an people silhoutte from letter "S". On the head people, i combine with symbol o'clock. The letter "S" is hidden #71
  • Staff O'Clock #70 give feedback for better design
  • The orange image is schedule board and checker point. The blue is o'clock #64
  • Hat of worker combine with o'clock. #63
  • About #50, Thanks for the higher rating again. If there is anything else to be done on the design, Do let me know CH @sergio1
  • please check #59
  • Hello there CH @sergio1. Hope you are having a wonderful day. The logo is designed to look very professional and modern. Waiting for your valuable feedback on the logo made.

    3B DESIGNS #50
    • Thanks for your rating CH @sergio1. Any comment/feedback/suggestions on my design to make it better ? And is there any color preference for you CH ?

  • This is the black one. #49
  • This is the blue one. #48