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Winning design #42 by ktech21, Logo Design for Stamford Peace Youth Foundation  Contest
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designed by ktech21

Project description

Since the time we first started Stamford Peace in 2008-with a small group of 9-10 year old boys many of whom are now playing at the collegiate level - we have shown that with consistent effort and ongoing investments in local young people -beginning at the elementary and middle school ages -we can make a huge overall difference in their lives. Our PEACE ACADEMY is a further step in this direction! 

We are looking to create a logo for PEACE ACADEMY a new program we are creating under the Stamford Peace Youth Foundation umbrella. 

PEACE ACADEMY is a comprehensive basketball training and informal mentorship program being 
selectively offered to promising local basketball student-athletes in the 1st thru 3rd grades. Additionally, there is also an academic tutoring component, which will begin once student-athletes are in the 5th grade. Initially, PEACE ACADEMY participants will receive two days per week of high-level basketball training on Mondays and Wednesdays (time to be determined), as well as periodic Saturdays. The goal of 
these sessions is foundational and experiential -and includes skill enhancement; Basketball IQ development; camaraderie; and fun. 

The logo will be used for many things: website/printed materials, clothing, promo items. Nothing to detailed as this may be printed on smaller items, and not to many colors to keep printing cost down when printing in color on items. 

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  • Hi - like this design, but would to be possible to have the book look more open with some pages flipping, right now it sort reminded people of a mustache with it lying so flat. #6
    • About #6, @carla2 Thanks for feedback. I have added the corrected design. It hope to be pleasant to you. Thanks.

  • Ready to all feedback. #47
  • Revise #30, please feedback. #46
  • Revise #30, how about with this. Please feedback. #43
  • GREAT #40
  • How about with this design, ready to all feedback. #30
    • @Fortuneart - really like these. Is is possible to take the image from #34 that you created and used that as the image in #30. We really like the shape of #30 and want to go with that, but like the inside image of #34 so wanted to try and combine them. Thanks!!

  • Dear Carla,
    one color version
    Thanks #32
  • Dear Carla,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks #31
  • How about with this design, ready to all feedback. #29
  • This is optional logo for you, please feedback this logo. thank you..!! #28
  • I will wait your feedback for this logo. and i am ready for revision. #27
  • Please give feedback this logo..!! thank you. #25
  • can you make this in the gold/yellowish & purple color family #7
    • About #7, @carla2 thanks for feedback. i will change it.

  • can you change the colors so instead of the blue, use a purple. #13
  • can you add a book or some type of educational image? #9
  • I will wait your feedback, thank you..!! #20
  • with symbol compass (journey) feedback please. #19
  • Hello there, let me know if there's any changes you'd like to see. Thanks! #18
  • Please check sir, thanks #17
  • hope u like it #13