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Winning design #87 by Redsoul, Logo Design for STANZA Contest
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designed by Redsoul

Project description

Think old-world-tuscan meets modern simplicity, with an earth tone color combination, for a high-End appartment complex, tuscan style, family oriented, We are looking for a design we can use as a medallion in the floors and Swimming Pool. Attached you will find to files, the first one is the preliminary render of the buildings and the second one is an example of logos we have, but we are not 100% happy with them.

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  • Dear CH Please brief little more about yourself and what you would like to see. Some more points which can guide us all to the path you want as to walk. thanks.
  • You are required to create all logo art 100% your own work
    • There is more information in the brief

    • About #20 hello Moderator! Would u plz elaborate? wat exactly u wanna say?

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      Manju {*wrote*}:
      About #20 hello Moderator! Would u plz elaborate? wat exactly u wanna say?
      |--| You are using a font that is found all over the net, this will not allow the client to copyright or trade mark the design all logo work is required to be 100% your own work, using a fancy font with dingbat art around it is not fair to the client, please be original and unique

    • hmmmmmm... my fault! :( U may also delete my other entry #59 then.

  • Dear CH, Please have a look on the designs submitted by me and point me the requirements you want like color combination and stuff. #7 #8 #10 #11 #13
    • We like them but they are to "modern" for the real estate project. Please look again to the brief I just uploaded some pictures and examples

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      geekscentre {*wrote*}:
      Dear CH, Please have a look on the designs submitted by me and point me the requirements you want like color combination and stuff. #7 #8 #10 #11 #13
      |--| We were looking for some old world tuscan meets modern simplicity with earth tones combinaton.

  • Hello catalingg, please be so kind and check my design #18 - i found inspiration in tuscan style fences so I hope that you will like it. Best regards
    • You are right on track with the idea we have. I up loaded some files in the brief

  • this is getting close to what we are looking for. mixing the old world vibe with the simplicity of the modern. I find a bit hard to read because the letters do not have enouhg contrast with the background color, you might need to lighten it a little bit.
    • Hi! Thanks for your feedback, I posted a new design, with rework that you wanted. By the way, "Apartments" is spelled with one p. I can see other designers used 2, because you used it in your brief. I don't know if you want it with 2 p's, but the correct spelling is "Apartments"

  • We really like yous. Can you change to more of an earth tone combination. More old world tuscan colors.
    • Hi CH! I have submitted #59 as the revised version. Can change anything you want. :) Thanks!

  • Hi Ch have just submitted #54. Any feedback is appreciated thanks
  • Hello CH, thanks for the rate on design #50. if you require any further adjustments, please message me. regards - blocpuzz
  • We like your idea of using the S. but can you lower to the right the S that is in a darker color. And put luxury apartments under Stanza.
  • We like thaat you are using iron grout like simbol, but try something more like a medalion yu would find in a fence not the S simbol.
  • You are right on track. Can you play with different earth tones and a different font. Our concern is that the S looks like the simbol for money $, because of the line in the middle. Can you do something about that?
  • we like what you are going for with the mozaic, can you try something else with the mozaic and use a different font.. Go for earth tone combination of colors. We want old world.
  • Its nice but it reminds me of coffe or a coffe machine
  • You are close, but the cross makes it look a bit religious. Remember old world tuscan meets modern simplicity. Earth tone color combination.
  • I like where you are going with this. can you try with a combination of earth tones?
  • I like that you are using the pine trees but we are trying to find something that we might also work as a medalion for the lobby flor or the bottom of the pool.
  • We like what you are doing but it does not have enough old world tuscan vibe to it yet.
  • this would not work for the appartments because we are looking old world tuscan meets modern simplicity. but I love it for out real state company called ISSE. do you think you could make it work? we are running a different contest for the ITO company and ISSE. Both real estate
  • I like the idea of using the pine trees, can you make it more tuscan-italian? use earth tones to give the old world tuscan vibe. look at the brief, we just uploaded more info to get the idea.
  • we need a medallion or a design with the name of the apartment complex