Start-up Credit Card Processing Company needs a strong branded logo

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Winning design #153 by DexMind176, Logo Design for Start-up Credit Card Processing Company needs a strong branded logo Contest
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designed by DexMind176

Project description

In the top left corner of my website I envision a PYP logo followed by PickYourPricing. Be creativewith the logo but i envision Pick and Pricing in a coral color #FF240C (ish)and the Your ina color like #22EEAA. I would like PickYourPricing to be in modern almost bubble letters using gradient. A subscript tag line of "payment processing with a personal touch.' All this being said, I STRONGLY encourage designers to come up with anything...I'm fickle and understand this is your strength not mine!! I'm sure as we move along, y'all will give me great ideas that I haven't thought about. Symbols based on taking honesty, ethics, choice, etc all in play!

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  • I like the premise...could we play with the font and colors? Looking for a bolder look.
  • Dear CH, Thank you for the feedback. Here are the revisions. I made a few changes on #27 and#28.
  • Still too similar...but better? I'm looking for thicker text with more depth.No spaces between words.
  • CH, about #9, let me know what you think of the changes in color and font, as well as the addition in the Y please.
  • Good effort, original...just don't love it. How about something closer to your lowcotel design #100?
  • Revising now and will post in a little bit. I also have a couple more ideas in mind that I will be posting to see what you might think.
  • Like the logo...can we try a bolder font and maybe red instead of orange
  • Like the font and logo but not loving the layout. Could you put the logo in front of the text, left half of the logo black, and use the logo P as the first letter of the text.
  • Dear CH,,, This is my first submit entries. Please ceck my concept. I hope you like. Thanks :D
  • I made some small changes to my #21 design, especially the colour scheme. Hope you like this more :)
  • Thanks for all the effort so far guys! This will be the logo in the top left of my website. As I get these, I'm more positive I want a creative logo/emblem followed by the text (see #25). Doing more research on the industry, I'd like to steer clear of greens and blues...they're everywhere. Reds, Purples, Oranges, Black, gray, yellows are still in play. I don't want spaces in PickYourPricing as I may add .com. I'd also reall would like some more eye-catching fonts. Shading, depth, bold. All for now:) Great work,
  • Nice...could we try a circular logo? And maybe a couple different coral/teal type colors?
  • Keep it up! Still don't love that blue though....can I get 2-3 options in the teal blue neighborhood?
  • Cool...can you keep the gradient effect on the lettering and try a few more greenish type blues that don't make it look so USA-themed?
  • Hi JC, liked this one more. Can you incorporate the coral and light blue theme I'm looking for and maybe find a way to edit this logo to incorporate the 2nd P. PYP is going to be branded everywhere
  • Right direction. Can you reread the brief and make pick and pricing Both a coral color and incorporate that coral in the logo with the blue?
  • Dear CH,,, This is my revision and provide two versions of the color (#54 and #55) I hope you like. Thanks :)
  • Get that logo back in front of the text:) also, could you try the coloring pattern of coral, black and one of a light blue, seafoam green, or yellow.
  • Hi Sanjee...right direction on the font, but would like to see some more. See updated brief or new color scheme. Also, would like to incorporate PYP in the logo, not just one P.
  • Roel, have one of my favorite logos...could you read the updated brief and try some different color schemes? Maybe enclose the logo Ina circle/square. And play with the fonts...see pickle example uploaded.