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Winning design #135 by novita007, Logo Design for Startup software company needs elegant logo design Contest
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designed by novita007

Project description

our target market is overwhelmingly female, white, age 45+, educated and has on average 15 years of experience. the buyer (45 year old white woman) responds well to music, elegance, exotic things. the logo should invoke a positive emotion and appear to be very approachable.

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  • Hi. I've included two tangoing figures to reinforce "tango" in #30
  • Hi - I have used a more modern font - gives it a feel of luxury due to the simplicity.
  • i like the concept
  • i like the spirit of it, the font could use some finessing IMO
  • Good Day Contest Holder, I have submitted #19 representing an exotic, elegant dancing star to go along with the word tango. Welcoming colors that a lot of 45 year old ladies adore. A star to represent this definition: a person's destiny, fortune, temperament, etc., regarded as influenced and determined by the stars. Thank you for this opportunity. Enjoy, Dawn
  • Dear Contest holder - Harbingerlabs I have created a elegant and meaningful logo. And tried to make it much simple as possible. My entry number is #5 Thank You. - Christopher
  • This logo reflects the characteristics of the software: "find the right talent fast and intelligently", through the use of a very clean typography, simple yet strong. It has very rounded lines, which makes it approachable and friendly. With the shape of the "O" there is a hint of a target, but in a very simple minimal way, since the main purpose of the software is to find the right fit quickly and precisely. There are some variations in color and shape in #75 #76 and #78.
  • Hello CH Submission #51. Concept was to visualise the purpose of the software. It, essentially, enables a perfect match between recruiter and candidate. The icon represents an entwined connection between the two parties.
  • Dear Contest Holder, I have two submissions here for you. #17 and #47 include a graphic of a stylized peacock feather which gives a touch of sophistication and the exotic, as well as the elegance your clients will favorably respond to. Let me know if you like this or if I need to take it in another direction. Thank you.
  • I have changed the font on this one giving it a gentle inviting look.
  • TO:CH I changed the color to give it a more organic soothing feel.
  • @emaginat a bit more organic looking, softer
  • perhaps play with the type face a bit
  • Hello contest holder I have submitted mt first design and I would like to hear what you think, so if you can comment at your earliest convenience i would be grateful. Thanks
  • Third party images not allowed in DC design entries.
  • Dear Vickyb please specify which design you think is similar to mine. if you are referring to #14 i had 2 other designs in different colors that have nothing in common with it. if you are talking about #20 maybe it is the same idea(the star) but it is a different design. please answer. thank you!
  • If you like the concept, please let me know of any changes you may want made to the design. Good luck finding the right logo!
  • Elements of this design are too similar to another designer's.
  • Elements of this design are too similar to another designer's.
  • Elements of this design are too similar to another designer's.