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We need a very clean, simple, minimalistic logo for our Urban Vacation Rental business. Most of our guests are families. We like the three suitcases because it represents the father (blue), mother (red), and child (yellow, green?). Also want a little color... Please view our website at Logo to the left, and text to the right It must be able to be scaled down for Facebook/Twitter See the attached pics, we like this concept, but it would be cool to have a special something that is not obvious..

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  • I like this logo, can you use the same colors and just do a "thick" outline instead of filling it in? Also, can we see square luggage handles.
    • As requested... "Thick" is 10px. Thicker looks like a barrel :)

  • Hmmm, I think the 3 clean suitcases in a row are probably the best.
    • Hello Ch! Do you have any feedback for #10, please!

    • Hi again, i give a try to mix my #8 and #9 so maybe you will like this one best. Please check #12

    • Look good, can you try a more subtle handle and remove the tag

    • Okay, I looked more through your portfolio, really like the Marzono Pyschologial text also. And in the BCOS how the letters are blue and back, maybe we could to that with the A in STAY and ALFRED? You are leaps and bounds above everyone else.

  • I just looked at your portfolio, wow. Very impressive. I really like the style of MARTech
    • Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. :) I am using in design for you similar font as martech - i get the feel that you need something modern, simple and still effective and font as martech is good choice for that.

    • Yup

  • Can you make the suitcases just and "outline" instead of being filled in, and put them to the left of the text? Very cool concept
  • I like this too. What if they overlapped? This is the minimalistic, clean look I was looking for.
    • There is a version with overlapping cases, please check #11 and let me know what you think.

  • This looks great! Can you do a few color combos and text styles. I like a little color in the text. Also, our tagline is Stay Smart Stay Together
    • I am happy to hear that you like both of my designs. I will make corrections and post it soon. Thanks!

  • I like this one better than your other one, but the handles are a little too big. Can you make them a little more sleek, and put the logo to the left of the text
  • Great concept! Can we use a lighter blue, and square handles. Maybe the "STAY ALFRED" could have a few colors? Favorite so far
  • I really like this concept, but if it could be a little more subtle.
  • I like this concept, maybe the red could have a necklace and the child suitcase could have...???
  • I like a smaller, more sleek handle. I like a more simple text. Can you place the logo to the left side of the text.
  • Hello CH, I wanted to participate in your contest but first can you please provide your resort picture? As it will help me to get the idea for a better design...
  • Look at my entries and provide me some feedback pls. :)
  • Look at my entry #1. And provide me some feedback. :)
  • CH, there is not attached files. Please upload pic.
    • Oops! Attached now!

    • we would like to make it look close to the "Stay Alfred" pic

  • hello contest holder. i submit a revision now , its entry #188 & #187 i hope you like it . thank you
  • can you do a version with the "chalk board effect" but where the yellow square has a suitcase?
    • I did it. Please check #173 and let me know is that you have in mind. Best regrads

  • .. .
  • Can you do a Black Stay and and orange Alfred
  • Can you also add our tag line " Stay Smart Stay Together"