Step Up and Do It (Sudi) child confidence building process

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Winning design #352 by LogoLab, Logo Design for Step Up and Do It (Sudi) child confidence building process Contest
Gold Medal

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Project description

We need to create a cool and sticky logo that Kids will wear on T-Shirts, Stickers, Pencils, wristbands, posters, hats etc. The concept is to create a logo that children will wear and it will grow from a grass roots base of children wanting what the other child has. This is a logo that will connect Children and Parents so it is a reminder to parents of the process of how to build confidence in kids through the way they Think, Communicate and Act. We have also believed when thinking of potential logo concepts that the versatility of the logo would allow for the 3 Tenets (Confidence, Responsibility and Action) or the full acronym of (Step Up and Do It) to be added into the framework of the logo at times we feel it adds value or achieves an objective. However, the main focus is the term Sudi. Target Market: We believe the the focus is adaptable to children from infancy to 18 years of age, we feel that the main focus of will be children from the ages of 6-12.

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  • dear CH please let me know what you think about mi design so i can improve it
  • Dear CH this is my entry :) The world will smile to see all children in the world can give a positive impact for the world. Hope you like this. Thanks.
  • Hello CH, Music is everything for young folks. In music you can easily find CONFIDENCE, RESPONSIBILITY and ACTION. Logo is simple but clean and allot of teens(Also younger kids who try to look/act like teens)will like it. Please check out #19, #20, #23 and tell me what you think.
  • SORRY ABOUT TEXT ERROR if you like this make all the changes, different color, what ever you lik!
  • here are the right designs had technica problems uploading please forget #10, #11, and #12 here are the right ones icons mean : trust :hands confidence : heart motion, action : the other icon
  • Hi CH, I just noticed on #8 I put "stand" instead of "step" I apologize. If you are interested in this submission I'd be happy to change it. Thanks!
  • Would like to focus on higher age group
  • REVISION: Target market age group for logo is 10 to 14 yrs old.
  • A fun logo for children, also added a shadow for how would it look like a sticker. The logo represents a child's face, head.
  • On this logo the two hands form the "S" in Sudi. Hand in hand or helping hand idea. Children reaching out with confidence and learning resposibility and then taking action.
  • Hi, I have 2 children 13 and 18 and so i thought going for an idea thats looks more current. The hand would represent reaching out with confidence and taking responsibility. And the wing, taking flight (action) into a bright future. Hope u like it.
  • Hi, #59 and #60 is my design for the SUDI brand. The logo is designed to be engaging to kids and has the versatility to be used on any medium. The logo is centralized to a symbol of child standing on flight of stairs with arms raised to represent achieving confidence through responsibility and action. A sunset in the background represents glory and success. Please comment on the logo. Thanks, Azry
  • About #57 & 58 altered design to incorporate thumb as requested for #17, entered a couple of options as both looked good, I feel #57 has more punch though. thanks for your feedback.
  • Like, just keeping one color.
  • Very Interesting, can you help us understand the integration of the two symbols? Also, please provide additional creative ideas
  • A character representing Sudi is an interesting concept. Any additional thoughts about different characters?
  • A little younger then we were going for, however, you've captured our interest b/c we have a target "club" for kids that this may be appropriate for. Can you alter the peace sign to a THUMB pointing back at the person - as to say "we believe in this guy"
  • Nice design, good use of the oval, can you make the i a THUMB (a fist with the thumb up)
  • We like of all your designs and are using this one to request revisions. We like the concept of symbols in relationship with Action, Responsibility and Confidence. We'd like to see your thoughts on different symbols for Confidence and Responsibility. We like the versatility of your design and that Sudi or the three tenets can be included or excluded and the symbol means something
  • Knocking out b/c same as 16 which we do like