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Winning design #94 by SiPilyo, Logo Design for Sterling Accountants Contest
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designed by SiPilyo

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Create a logo for our accounting practice.

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  • Hello Tom111, Thanks for the ratings. Do you need any modifications to #13, #14 or #15? Do lemme know. Regards, Hims, ESolz.
    • Hi, Not at this point, they look great as is.

  • Hi, Thanks for your entry. I like the emblem, any chance you could choose a font that's a little less narrow?
    • Hi Tom, thanks for feedback please see my update design regards

  • Hi, Thanks for your entry. I like to text, but a emblem is a bit distracting.
    • hi tom, thanks for your quick response..doing revision in a bit.. regards, jr

  • Hello, Could I please have some feedback on the #58, #59, #63? Thank you!
    • Hi there, 59 is good but spelt wrong (should be "sterling") 63 is good too. Really liking the green.

    • Thank you. I have two submissions left. I will not used them yet. I will wait to see if you have any suggestions. Best.

  • Hi Contest Holder, please see my entries #55, #56 and #61.. Looking forward for your feedback. Thank you!
    • Really good, liking the SA incorporated into the emblem. Subtle and clever.

  • Hi all, Love the designs to date. I would now be looking for some more letterform designs to compare. Thanks.
  • Hi Tom, Please find my entry #49. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
    • Hi, looks good. It's unique compared to the rest I have received. No changes necessary at this stage. Thanks.

  • Hi Tom , Please leave a feedback to my entry #52, Thanks J-PRODS
  • Hi Tom, Please find entries #76 , #77. Feedback most welcome. Regards SJK
  • Hi Tom, check my entry #87. Thank you! Best regards, Maxx
  • Hi, I have submitted two more designs #91 and #94. Please check them out. If there is any suggestion you have please let me know, I will be happy to make revisions.