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Winning design #63 by nicolets , Logo Design for StickyPositions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nicolets

Project description

StickyPositions is an online Adult Toy Store, I'm seeking a logo that will speak to the business brand and will show nicely on business cards, tee-shirts, packaging as well as social media.

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  • Number 63 is the winner, I think I pick the work number of yours in error. Sorry #63
    • @Michael60586 i will chat the admin Sir...

    • @nicolets Thanks!!! #63 is the best one for my business! Thank you soooo much! Really Great Work!!!

    • @Michael60586 Sir please follow this link

  • How do I select yours as the winner? #63
    • About #63, @Michael60586 click my entry Sir and put the gold prize...

    • @Michael60586 to choose winner click trophy icon on your right, you need to choose gold,then silver then bronze...this article will help guide

    • @Michael60586 Sir please follow this link

  • Ok, please make the adjustment to the 'I" in this one and make it spit and we are set. I'm going to go with this design once you make the adjustments. Thanks man! #47
    • About #47, @Michael60586 thanks Sir.. i will submit it now..

    • @nicolets i submitted your latest request Sir Michael.. thanks...

  • Great Work! I want to make sure that the Logo will show nicely on Social Media, as well as my website, tee-shirts and business cards. Let's keep this one (#52) and let's do one with red wording, and a white splat on a black background. I would like to see how that looks. you do really great work!! #52
    • @Michael60586 hi Sir Michael.. very great message to a start my day.. i submitted your latest request Sir.. please check and feel free to message for some changes.. thanks..

    • @nicolets I'm having a hard time picking which one of yours I'm going to go with. My colors will be Black & Red...tuff decisions man, you have made this hard to pick 1 of your 3

  • Sticky Positions Logo #56
  • Sticky Positions Logo #55
  • I love the changes you made, but you added the splat and you changed the format (I hope that's the right word to use) of this one. I really like how you have the "i" looking like a penis and shooting the cum out. Can you add the splat to this one but keeping the same format? #25
    • About #25, @Michael60586 thanks for the feedback Sir Michael.. i uploaded the latest design. feel free to message if i get your desired design.. thanks

  • I like the changes you have made, I have uploaded my old logo with hopes you can take the "splat" background that in that one and incorporate in the background of this one. #25
    • @Michael60586 hi Sir Michael.. thank you for this message.. i submitted your latest request.. feel free to feedback Sir Michael..

  • Would like to see a graphic incorporated with the wording Sticky Positions #16
    • @Michael60586 hi Michael.. i submitted your request revisions.. thanks.. feel free to message for some request..

  • About #23, @cahbagus Hi, can you please add an 's' on to Positions? I would like to see how the entire logo looks. I'm also thinking Red & White for the colors.
  • I'm thinking about having a cum splat in the background with Sticky Positions placed on top of it. How about the "i" in Sticky shooting the splat of Cum out?
  • I would like to see a graphic incorporated with the words StickyPositions.