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Stidham Outfitters Supply - Ranch wear and range goods A modern day drygoods store and outfitter located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We’ve created a space featuring a collection of goods that represent quality, craftsmanship and authenticity. Within the shop, a leathersmith crafts custom leather goods, while stocked items including men’s apparel, outdoor goods, gifts & accessories. We pair high end maker’s goods with vintage classics and add the unexpected right alongside the nostalgic. The shop is a reflection of our values, and ultimately, a homage to the great American heritage. Think: Earth tones, Americana, Unique/Decorative font, Vintage denim labels. The logo will have multiple purposes including outdoor signage, print and embroidery. In addition, we would like the ability to extract just the unique lettering for narrow, landscape use and have a format using the abbreviated SOS.

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  • I've submitted #14. I hope it is what you are looking for:) -Victor
    • Hi Victor- Thanks for your submission. The design just lacks any interesting qualities and unfortunately doesn't fit what we are looking for.

  • hallo... CH... Please check my entri # 17 and # 16, Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks
    • Hi Ammer- Thanks for your entry. I'm afraid it's just not the direction we had in mind. Perhaps review the reference websites in the comments for a new direction. Thanks!

  • Dear CH, My design is #8 and #10 and I would like to know if I am heading in the right direction and if I can have feedback. Ccsmoon
    • Hi Ccsmoon- Thanks for your entries. We are looking for a more customized font that is heavily branded and recognizable. We don't want it to have a "common look" as detailed in your designs. Also, please be sure the name is spelled correctly : )

    • O thank you for the feedback I will go back and change up my fonts and spelling

    • With the feedback that I received I remade the logo a bit and changed the font and have submitted #13

  • Hi CH, I've submitted #6. Please let me know if you like it:) -Victor
    • Hi Victor- Thanks for your submission. There are qualities that we like about the design though it's a bit plain. It's also a preference not to use stars. I'd like to share two existing logo designs that we really like: and Does this give you a better idea for the direction? Thanks again!

    • Yea. Thanks! I am gonna try my Best! -Victor......

  • Thanks to everyone who has submitted entries thus far. Please read the design brief thoroughly to get a good sense of our brand. The power is in your hands to create something that launches our business. I'd like to share two existing logo designs that we really like: and I will do my best to provide fast feedback, so any questions are welcome. Best!
  • Hello CH.. please check my entry #4 and #5 any feedback are appreciate..thx and regards
    • Hi July- Thanks for your submission. Unfortunately that is not the direction of our brand. It's also a preference not to use stars. I appreciated your submission and willingness to design, so I'd like to share two existing logo designs that we really like: and Does this give you a better idea for the direction? Thanks again!

  • Lburke- Thanks for this new iteration. The direction is good, a little plain but the top one shown is our favorite. The font choice for Stidham Outfitters Supply has a bit of a pirate feel. Can you try a different but unique font that is not destroyed? Please keep in mind we anticipate using this logo for embroidery purposes. Also, I uploaded a sketch to the brief and perhaps you can get a little creative with the top logo and incorporate something to do with the great outdoors. Thanks very much for your continued submissions!
    • I would love to try some more versions but because I just joined I can only submit 3 designs to this contest. Not sure if it would be possible for you to delete my previous submissions? Or if that would even work. But if it won't work, then good luck with the rest of your contest! Definitely a fun brand to work on.

    • Hi- I attempted to delete the design and there's no option to do so... I'm sorry. I reached out to Design Contest though because that doesn't seem fair to you as a designer or I as a contest holder. I hope to be in touch before the contest ends.

    • Thank you. I really appreciate it! Hopefully something can be worked out.

    • lburke please follow the designer guidelines and rules, submit one design in an entry only. You will never run out of entries as long as the contestholder wants to see more work from you

    • Hi there designers will never run out of enters as long as you want to see more work from them. Rating an entry 30 points or higher will give a low level designer another upload to your contest. Designers start with 3 entries per contest, and have a limited number of entries until they reach level 6. Every time you rate a design 30+ points that designer will have an extra upload, but if you eliminate the entry, the upload goes away. Rating 30 points doesn't necessarily mean you like the design. But you would definitely want to rate a work 30+ if you'd like to see more work form the designer.

  • Hi, I have submitted #26, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Paul.
    • Hi Paul- This is an interesting direction that we like. Please keep in mind our terrain is rolling hills, cactus, more rugged than the high peaks illustrated in your design. An outfitter is an old packer. See this logo as an example: We like the simple font you used in Outfitters Supply. The font used for Stidham will be difficult to replicate for embroidery purposes, perhaps try something else. Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks for the feedback, I'll play about with my design and hopefully come up with something more fitting.

    • I have tweaked my design and re-posted it for your approval. I hope I'm heading in the right direction with the changes made. Kind Regards, Paul.

    • Paul- Thanks very much for editing your design. I uploaded a file to the brief. Will you take a look at it? The packer only makes sense if there's horses/mules following it. Otherwise it just looks like a cowboy horseback and we aren't all that western. Also we would like to highlight the words "Outfitters Supply" more than Stidham, like in the attachment. Lastly, a font that is unique will be desired in order to use it in different formats in an abbreviated way (SOS). Try a couple more unique fonts than the one used currently. Thanks again, you are very creative!

    • Thanks for the feedback, being from Scotland I haven't quite got my head around the whole packer thing haha. I think I have a better understanding of what you require now. I'll work with the file you uploaded & hopefully come up with a winner for you.

    • Hi Paul- No worries! After writing the brief I never assumed we would transcend across so many countries. I think it would be pretty fun to say someone from Scotland designed our logo! I sincerely appreciate your time and willingness to work on it.

  • Hi Ammer- Thanks for the submission. There's some qualities we like about this logo, but we are in Texas and we want the logo to be a reflection of where we are located. Our terrain is more rolling hills than high peaks. Will you take a look at this logo: If you were to use a image in the logo, something like this packer/outfitter is more desirable than the mountains. Thanks in advance!
  • Hi Lburke- Thanks for your submission in the contest. I think you understand the vintage, americana feel that we are seeking. Please visit these reference websites for logo's and fonts that we like. We do not want to lead with the abbreviated SOS because it doesn't define our store like. Stidham Outfitters Supply - Ranch wear & Range goods. Please keep that in mind when creating another version. If you can develop something similar to the referenced sites, you'll be on the right track! Thanks in advance.
  • Hi CH (again), I've submitted another design #43. And i hope you like it as it is:) Please let me know if you want any changes. -Victor
  • hallo... CH... thanks for your feedback ... I tried to make a redesign, please check my entry # 40 and # 41. Thanks
  • Hi CH ,Please Take alook To My Design,The Main Design Is #37 and #39 ,But If You Like it Full Color ,I Have Some Another Option In #38 .Any Feedback Will Be Great. Have A Nice Day And Thank You
  • Hello CH.. thx for your feedback to me..this is my design #35..please check and tell me what you think.. thx and regards..
  • This is an interesting direction. Please keep in mind our terrain is rolling hills, cactus, more rugged than the high peaks illustrated in your design. An outfitter is an old packer. See this logo as an example: Thanks in advance!
  • Hi Egner- We think this is a unique design and you've taken into account information in our brief. Some additional feedback: Outfitters Supply should take the spotlight over the name Stidham. We don't necessarily want to lead with SOS since it doesnt define what our business is like using "ranch wear & range goods". Will you give it another try? Thanks!
  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests
  • You can not have more than design on single canvas. All such entries are removed: Please submit your designs following the rules.
  • Hallo...CH... I tried to make redesign and change the image of the mountain with a horse saddle. please check my entry # 65. Thanks
  • Hello, please see #55 and send me your feedback. I was going for a kind of branded look with the Stidham. I can always put an icon in if required but just wondering what you think as it stands. Many thanks and good luck, Ross.