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Winning design #86 by egner, Logo Design for Stormcrest Software Contest
Gold Medal

designed by egner

Project description

The brand is Stormcrest Solutions/or Software and this will be a web application software company. The Stormcrest should be much larger than the Solutions/or Software portion of the logo. We are thinking colors in the blue/grey range but are open to a completely different color set if you so choose to design in a different style. We do not want something too elaborate but we absolutely need an iconic element that can be used for branding purposes separate from the words of the logo.

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  • Like the font. Not a fan of the icon. Grey is nice but purple is not quite our favorite. Good first attempt.
  • Conceptually, I like it. The S is clearly seen in the icon. I'm not 100% of the font (although its not bad at all). It may be the gradient that is the problem in the font. May want to tweek with another font option. I would leave this one and make a new entry as several like it. We are concerned about a logo done in 3d because of the printing issues.
  • Conceptually its nice. Reminds me of the Flash logo. The font and elements around the font are not my favorite. If the logo had a little more depth it could be really nice.
  • Could you show this without the in front of the icon?
    • Here's my version without the s in the icon. #22. Good luck

  • We like the use of the 2d elements. The concept is interesting and the design is nice but not quite there. We do like the style though.
  • The concept of the storm center in the background is quite nice. I wonder if this can be achieved in a more 2 dimensional fashion or with a little less detail. We prefer a more rounded font. But nice concept.
    • Thank you for the feedback. Here's my little less detailed than my first submission. #20. Hope you like it. Good luck

  • We are not opposed to something containing a lightning bolt if it did not look so much the comic book Flash symbol. The font is ok but not our favorite.
  • We rated one of your designs because the font style is nice. The logo is not what we are looking for.
  • GJR
    Your logo is too similar to an existing design and could not be copyrighted: logo designs should be original work.
  • Hi please share some feedback about my entry #42, #43 i hope you like it
  • We love your logos. However, we need to try and come up with a 2d version that can be used in t-shirts and printing. The ONLY issue we see is that these logos can be used on the web but may be too complex when made small or embroidered on clothes. We love this work but can you attempt to get this design or #27/20 a little closer to #1. Simple colors without gradient.
    • How about this one #39 and #40. Thanks for the feedback. Good luck

  • This logo represents the "flat" approach we will need with any logo. We like many of the 3d logos but regardless if we chose one, we must have a flat logo that can be used for printing and tshirts etc.
    • I am happy that you like a flatness in my logo. Maybe you would like to change something in it. By the way, thanks for feedback.

    • It is still one of the best because of its simplicity but we still have not seen the logo that "wows" us. You might try some alternative fonts and a slight variation on the current one. We also liked your other logo that is similar. Perhaps if you try some different font styles with a slight variation to the logo we like currently, you might hit a homerun.

    • Thanks for such a quick feedback. I changed two new fonts #35, #37, #38. Also I tried one new graphic element #37.

  • Like the two color in the name. Not a big fan of the font being used, may want to try something else. The icon is nice in concept and is "flat" without too much gradient but its not quite there yet. May want to refine and update.
  • This may be a 3d #29 approach but if you look closely its flat. no gradient at all.
    • We like it. We like the work you are doing and the communication you have had. If you can try to do the same thing with the other one #27. Maybe in both try to make a little less busy. We are fans of the work but want to see it a little more simple.

  • Definitely one of the finalists. We would like to see this with the top and bottom swoosh colors the same (so it looks like and S). Also, could you use another color than the #549CB6 as we are not sure that we like it. If you could make the SOFTWARE portional also a lighter color (maybe a grey). A few people here also wanted to see if you might add some light green (#56A731) as a small element to the design, maybe the smallest element in the middle. We like this one and although there are a few other candidates, this is definitely close. Other colors we like (#0F385F and #0D2642) for the swooshes potentially. This logo the way it is designed might work but some alternatives might help us to pick a winner.
    • Hello CH. I really happy that my design will be between the finalist. I think I done all the changes you asked me #78, #79, #80. If something else I can change, just write a feedback and I will do it.

  • Thanks for trying the green. Not sure I like it but thanks for showing it.
  • I was able to get you more credits. The only problem someone brought up is that this logo resembles a swastika.. I did not see that at first but bad connotation. Probably need to adjust it.
    • thank you for the feedback and credits. Here's the adjust #67 not to make it like swastika

  • We love this logo! The problem is when you make it really small it loses its identifiable shape. It's such a nice concept though, great job.
  • We do like this one a lot but it does remind us of more of a tattoo art than a logo. Saying that, its not far off and is quite nice.
  • Thanks for the submission but not what we are looking for.