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Awesome experience...easy to use...great designers... and a big thanks to Liz who won, very talented and super easy to work with. Files all downloaded and look fantastic. Thanks

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Winning design #75 by lizonil, Logo Design for Stratosphere Consulting Group Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lizonil

Project description

Design a word/logo around the word Stratosphere. The meaning represents 'strategy of the world (or whole'. I want to use the colour gold somewhere and use the 'O' in the middle of the word either as a gold ring or to represent the world.

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  • Hi Marcus, in #75 I have put three variants of shadow under the ring, from less prominent at the top to most prominent at the bottom, so that you can easily judge them against each other. The top shadow is the original. If you choose my design, when I prepare the final files for you I can send you versions with and without 'consulting group' on, and with black background and white background. Kind regards, Liz
  • Hi Marcus, thanks for your comments. Is it #63 or #65. I can make that change to the shadow on both, and put them up for you to look at. The matt black with the gloss lettering and gold ring sounds awesome. It would be very helpful if you could rate them, as at the moment you have #5 rated in 2nd place. I will have a look at your other competition too. Cheers Liz
  • Hi Liz...I would still like you view but I am settled on this one as the gold color is strategically important otherwise agree with you re 53... Maybe if we increase the shadow slightly in prominence... And then plan on cards on Matt black with clear gloss over the white letters and an embossed gold ring.. How does that sound? M
  • Hi Liz...i am also running another contest for a new business of mine called First Resort Personnel.. Can you please take a look at it and design number 39 and try a version similar to stratosphere with the centre figure in the logo on top in gold and the ring in gold and then the rest white on black like this #65 stratosphere design.... Thanks Liz ...Marcus
  • Hi got this...thanks... Is there any chance to slightly increase the prominence of the shadow at the bottom of the ring on this one? Please? ... Then I would appreciate your view as to which of yours you like best..-) and think we are just about done...I would like to wrap this up today as I have some time as its Saturday here in west Australia .. Thanks so much for your awesome work...m
  • Your entry is way too close to another designers idea/concept, the exact font and kerning placement
  • Hi Marcus, #63 is the same as #53 but with the gold ring. #64 is without the 'consulting group', and #65 is with the 'consulting group' under the sphere part of stratosphere to the right. I hope it was #53 you liked! But if it was a different one let me know. When you get the business cards printed, the gold embossing will stand out well, it will look better than this. The fonts I used are 'Orator Std' for the consulting group, and 'PirulenRG-Regular' for Stratosphere. Let me know if you want to try anything else. Cheers, Liz
  • ... sorry broke my promise -) more thing...with teh version that has the words 'Consulting group' under it...can you have them sitting on the right hand side inder the letters 'sphere' please like the one you did previously...thanks M
  • ... just one more thing -) ... can you also include a copy with the updated gold ring without the 'consulting group' words underneath just so I can see it nextr to the other one... last request I promise -) M thanks
  • ooops..sorry this is the one I like.... but would love to see a gold ring instead of white.... sorry for the mix up.... thanks again... Marcus
  • Hi Liz... rockstar effort I love this one, however can you please make the ring around the O a gold colour, as I will probably get the gold ring embossed on my business cards.... also do you provide the font information if you win so I can use on the print on the other side of the card?... look forward to seeing the update...thanks for the effort and your work... Marcus
  • Dear Marcus, Thanks for your feedback. I have entered #48 #49, #50, #51, #52 and #53. I have tried two different fonts for the 'consulting group' text and tried it in two different places. Also tried it gold on a black background, and then lastly a grayscale version on the black background. I can mix and match and try anything you might like to suggest. Unfortunately, I don't design websites, but there are some great website designers on this site. Kind regards, Liz
  • more thing... I would be interested to see this in the negative if I wanted to use it on a black card?...if that is not too hard for you to do?....your work is much appreciated and you are the only designer I am corresponding with...thanks Marcus
  • Hi, Thanks for the design....this is my favourite by a long way. I was wondering if you could please add the words "Consulting Group" under the letters 'sphere' in a gold colour to mach the gold ring and in a similar or suitable font.... and then send back to me so I can compare the two options.... But I really love it. Also do you design websites? as I will need one designed also? Thanks Marcus
  • Hi, look forward to getting your thoughts on #38 and #39. Tried to get the feel of using the curve to sybolise the stratosphere and used black as a background for space and to enhance and bring out the gold. This can obviously be changed if required. Many thanks Ross
  • Dear CH, I have 2 first entries for you.. I hope you like it.
  • Hi Marcus, I have uploaded the files for you to look at. There are a lot of files here, you will not be able to open all of them, some are for the printer and some for a graphic designer. The png files have a transparent background, you can place them onto any colour background you wish. There are large format and smaller format(business card size). Download them your end and keep them safe, and let me know if you need anything else. Cheers, Liz
  • Goodmorning Marcus, Thanks for choosing my design. I will prepare the files for you and get them over to you today. I have to zip them up and upload them on this site, you then download them at your end and check them. Before I prepare them for you, can you please confirm which files you would like. I am guessing it will be #5, #64,and #63 or #65. (depending on where you want 'consulting group' placed). I will also need to make a variant of #5 with 'consulting group' added to match #63 or #65, depending on which you choose. Can you also let me know which variant of the shadow you would like from #75 (top, middle or bottom) so that I can change it on the files I prepare for you. The files I send you will include: 2 jpegs of each file (a small one and large one) 2 pngs of each file (small and large) png files have transparent backgrounds. the original ai vector images for each file (keep them safe for future use with a graphic designer, vector images can be blown up to any size without compromising the resolution) photoshop files of each file pdfs of each file eps of each file I know it sounds confusing, but your printer will know what to do with them and he will pick which type of file he prefers to use. Cheers, Liz