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Junifer was a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond to make sure the logo was exactly how we needed/wanted it. I would defiantly recommend her to anyone looking to get design work done!

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Street Dreams Motorsport LLC is a new company.  We are a Father and Son company.  We currently do Motorcycle Restorations,  and some Fabrication and Customization,  but the end goal is to have a known brand for our own unique Designs and Builds, so we plan on Designing and Fabricating custom Motorcycles!  I would say our passion is Vintage Motorcycles,  especially European bikes, but our taste really goes all over the place.  Cafe Racers,  Cafe Trackers,  Board Trackers,  Vintage feeling Street Fighters. BUT also Bobbers, Mild Choppers, and Baggers. I went to College for Design and Business,  so I should be able to come up with our logo, but I am just not able to do it. We do currently have a logo, and its not that I "Hate" the logo, I just don't "Love" it like I should,  I just don't think it fits our company.  It's really hard to explain,  we want a Vintage,  but not Vintage logo and also a Modern but not Modern logo lol. We definitely want it to show "motorcycle" and also want it to be memorable.  I think it is the type of situation where I can't explain exactly what we want but we will definitely KNOW it when we see it. Our colors are black, silver, and burnt orange or a mid orange,  not to dark,  but not neon, a burnt orange would be the best yo describe. 

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  • @infearon I am extremely sorry for my delays, but please take my submissions #56, #55, #54, #53, #52, #51, #50 and #49 in your consideration before finalizing the contest. Thanks and Regards!
  • Please find the variation with spark plug! #49
  • hi Ch, thank you so much to your ratings and positive feedback. I'm upload now the revise design which i add some gear and piston. hope you like the concept. :) #47
  • Also I am sure you probably noticed after submitting, but you're forgetting a E in this logo #37
  • I really like the look of this, but its way to dark and kinda like cluttered, maybe get rid of the black stuff and kinda set it up like #37 but some how include the motorcycle part of it with out cluttering it. If you kinda combine #33 and #37 you would have a top contender (and remember est. 2013) #33
  • About #32, @infearon do you like just the font? Do you want that I project another logo with this font?
    • @mb_architecture I really do like that font, so if you wanted to add another logo to the contest then yea I would stick to that font, but come up with something different around it. Thanks

  • Well of course still need the 2013 change hehe #28
    • @infearon Sorry, I missed that. I will make an update. Thanks

  • Ohh, I like that addition! I think that this logo is going to be as perfect as you're going to get it, now it's just seeing ig someone comes up with something I like more. But I do have to admit #30 is right there with this logo, it's gonna be a hard choice. #28
  • I like this more in the vintage look. #30
  • I really like that font, but not in love with the rest #32
  • And also like #26 the Est. Is 2013 #27
  • This is a pretty cool logo, the only problem with a logo this detailed is it becomes a little busy when made to small #27
  • Im liking this a bit more, I like how you added the spark plug which means 1. You listened to me and 2. Your adaptive. I like how you kinda fixed the needle and added the black base to help even out the darkness of the spark plug but I think I prefer the RPM shadow of the other logo more than this one. Also please don't forget to change 2014 to 2013 #26
  • Please find the updates of #29 in your prescribed colors by submission #31
  • Thanks for waiting and sorry for my delays!!! Please find my updates and give your suggestion. #29
  • I like the feel of this design, but if possible I would like to see it with a couple different variations. Like instead of the tire maybe a spark plug or pair of cool looking pistons #5
    • @infearon Yes of course! I will submit my variations soon!! Regards!!

  • hi ch, I've upload my entry hope you like the concept. thanks :) #27
  • Hi Infearon, glad you like the designs. I have submitted #26 with a few changes. Any other suggestions to make the logo better? Thanks
  • I know I am really picky on this logo, remember we have a current logo and if I am making a contest for a new logo, I am not going to want a logo JUST like my current logo with a couple tweaks, granted there are a couple that are pretty close to my current logo that do catch my eye, I just wanted to make a post so everyone knows what direction I am more headed in. #21 & #22 are pretty much the logos to beat right now. We're not head over heels in love, but they are definitely the ones were leaning towards at this particular moment, but there is still plenty of time so things may change. I like where a couple designers are going, but they just don't grab our attention like #22 does. For instance #17 is a really cool concept but there is just something about it that needs tweaking, I am not sure if its the font or maybe add a simplistic spark plug somewhere in the design and make it look a bit more vintage? I would really like to see at least a couple logos that have a spark plug or plugs in it. Hope this helps a little.
    • @infearon I am not sure how to edit if possible but I wanted to correct something, I mentioned changing #17 but meant #15 the cloud with wings was the particular logo I was talking about.

  • I really like the 2 designs like this. The colored one is awesome for everyday logo, and this one would be awesome for like tshirts, etc. #21