Design Contest really took the hassle out of developing our new business logo. Finding a graphic designer that suits you can be very hit and miss. In the past we have found ourselves in deep with a graphic designer who in the end did not provide us with a result that really satisfied our requirements. Design Contest brought us in contact with so many talented designers from around the world, and we were able to peruse so many wonderful designs before selecting one. We found it quite humbling to be the recipients of such a wealth of design talent.


$306 paid

145 custom designs

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Winning design #40 by RarefiedAlien, Logo Design for STRINGZ GUITAR STUDIO Contest
Gold Medal

designed by RarefiedAlien

Project description

Logo for use on business card, signage, letterhead, t-shirts, website, etc. We are an Australian guitar teaching studio, with students of all ages. We teach electric and acoustic guitar as well as ukulele and bass guitar, and all music styles - rock, pop, blues, folk, classical - at all levels. It would be good (but not absolutely essential) if the logo could incorporate some sort of guitar graphic, and the words Stringz Guitar Studio. Sophisticated, modern, minimal yet strong and bold. Our colours are red, black and white.

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  • CH, Would appreciate some feedback on entry #14 and #15. Thanks, dlbonanno64
  • Thank you for your design. We like the angle of the guitar, and the basic placement of the text. A more rounded acoustic guitar shape on the guitar graphic as well as more sharply defined guitar strings may help. Regarding the script font used for the word "Stringz" - we would prefer a "printing" style font.
    • Thank you for your comment, corrections are made in #30

  • Really like this design. Simple, slick, and suggests the guitar. A fine point - the strings would suggest guitar strings more if they progressively reduce in thickness from left to right.
    • Hi Paul, Thanks for the rating and feedback. Point noted. I will work on the design and resubmit soon. Thanks, Paul

  • Sorry - we did make a comment but it didn't seem to save it .. We really like this one a lot. Bold, strong and clever. Wendy and I both have different opinions on the "S" .. Wendy thinks that the "S" gets lost, and the word looks like "tringz" to someone who is unfamiliar with the name. Also, we've had feedback that it's a bit unbalanced with the red "z" .. Just out of interest, could we see what it looks like with a black z? Thanks for your submission.
  • Thank you for this design. We really like the simplicity and the suggestion of the guitar strings, but overall it is probably a little bit too restrained and subtle.
  • We really liked this design a lot, but we thought that the ornate font and the pretty graphic did not represent the style of our studio or clientele. The plectrum could be a petal on first look. But it is a well-balanced and arresting design. Thank you.
  • About #13 Hi paul, how about this design. Any suggestions maybe?
  • Thank you for your submissions #14 & #15. Overall the design does not really appeal to us. We are not fans of the treble clef for an S, and the graphic is too blocky.
  • All logo entries are required to be your own artwork and vector, you have used photos and this is not vector either
  • Hi Paul, Pls check my design entry #62. I hope you like it. Your feedback is much appreciated. Thank you very much! Best Regards, Finestroke
  • Hi paul2, I am maked the logo #20 as negative aspect in red background color. The guitar can be set on a different angle of logo aspect. I am open for other visions. Cheers, krisdesign
  • Your design has same concept as other designer's work; your entry is removed
  • Hi Paul #86 is my envisioning of your logo: simple, strong and guitar related element integrated in it. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Andrei
  • Thank you very much for this entry. We feel this one has a sense of fun and we like that.
    • Thank you very much for your positive feedback. I'm glad that you like it, please let me know if there is anything that I can change so that you will like it more :)

  • New submissions #73 #74 & #75 Any feed back on those do let me know.. Thanks
  • Hello paul2, #69 is a restyled version of my first proposal featuring a "hands-on feel" brand name and slightly adjusted layout. Let me know if you like this design better.
  • Thank you for this entry. We like it a lot. The design of the text makes it very clear what the business is - a guitar studio - and that's good because the word "Stringz" does not specifically convey that. We like the graphic and the touch of red in the name.
    • I'm glad you like it, I think it is indeed sleek and proper. What can I change of it so that it better matches your vision? I'm ready for your requests.

  • Hi Paul, Pls check my design entries #66 #67 and #68 . Your feedback is much appreciated. Thank you so much! Best Regards, Senthil R
  • Hmmm .. I don't think that worked as well as I'd hoped. Do you think that a different design guitar head (still cartoon) but with 3 tuning pegs each side?
    • No problem sir. Let me c what can be the other option in this concept and revert back to u. But just a small question. U want it be be a carton look right ?

  • Thank you - this is better. I like the charcoal drawing style of the graphic. Perhaps a different font may suit it better.