Stripes Biscuit Company

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Winning design #26 by 3B-Designs, Logo Design for Stripes Biscuit Company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by 3B-Designs

Project description

I want color with an american flag backround (Military theme)

it needs to be a rectangle about a business card dimensions
But with as large a circle or oval in the middle that will fit with the Stripes on top and Biscuit Company on the bottom --idont want the flag back round to overtake the Stripes Biscuit Company

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  • 3blogo designs--If you win what do you send me ? AI,PDF, Hard copy?
  • Hello again CH @ghines125. Thanks for your patience. Here is the logo with the required changes. Waiting for your valuable feedback #32
  • Hello. Please you watch and rating my design sir. Thank You #31
  • please check #30
  • About #26 @ghines125 CH , give me 2 days as I'm currently out of station. Will do it for sure once I get back
  • American flag icon with text logo design. #29
  • About #26, @ghines125 Alright CH, You're Welcome. I will be waiting
  • Stars designed to look more prominent and related to United States. Also tweaked the position of every stars in the background so that each star is fully visible and is not half cut (few stars) like in my previous designs. Feedback CH @ghines125 #26
  • Thicker red outlines for "Stripes" and just two stars on each side of "U.S.A" as per the requirement. Feedback CH @ghines125 #25
  • About #24, @ghines125 Sure CH.Glad that it's getting better. Will do it
  • Replaced the "Since 2017" to "U.S.A" and also changed the blue to a darker one as said by you. Waiting for your feedback CH @ghines125 #24
  • About #23, @ghines125 Sure CH ! Will do it
  • Made "Stripes" more archy as well as "Biscuit Co." and brought them closer to each other. Also added some few elements at the bottom. Waitibg for your feedback CH @ghines125 #23
  • Another variation where all words have the same font. Feedback CH @ghines125 #17
  • There you go CH @ghines125. Waiting for your valuable feedback #16
  • About #12, @ghines125 Alright CH. Working on it
  • About #12, @ghines125 I did get your last comments CH.. it's just confusing a bit..So for confirmation I had asked the previous question... Please do answer it
  • About #12, @3blogodesigns -!oval even bigger keep the same fonts I like them
    bring Stripes up higher on the oval
    make stripes and Biscuit CO. the same size--only 2 lines again
    • @ghines125 Alright CH. Will do it. So you want both the lines "Stripes" and "Biscuit Co." of the same font as the word "Stripes" ? No need of the font which is used for "Biscuit company" above ?

  • let try this Make the oval even bigger-bring up the STRIPES on the oval it will be a little more curved letter -Same font and change Biscuit company-to BISCUIT CO (One Line)same size as stripes same font
  • Feedback CH @ghines125 #15