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This was my first experience with the contest and I could not be more pleased. The system is user friendly, the designers are open to discussions and my every need was met. Thank you for making the process easy for a new start up business. I will be sure to share with as many people as possible. My designer YAD hit the mark for me!


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Winning design #85 by YAD, Logo Design for Studio 8 Event Entertainment Contest
Gold Medal

designed by YAD

Project description

This is for a logo for a new start up business.  We are an onsite entertainment team that will be layered in to existing events. We create a turnkey environment  that engages the audience, with a focus on families.  We are picking up where the close of Radio Disney has left off.  I have been with Radio Disney for 4 years and they are closing the onsite teams.  So I am starting over.  The following link will demonstrate best what Studio 8 EE will be all about.   Will need this to be something that looks good in color but will also be white or black on some items.

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  • Hello, Here is a new design proof for the Studio 8 logo. Please let me know if you have any questions. #81
  • Hi tracy1,, pls check my design,, thanks,, #80
  • Can you make this first "swoosh" and the curve of the S a darker blue? Like you have on #37? But keep the rounded ends. #57
    • YAD

      @tracy1 hello ch.. do u mean like this? #77

  • About #71, @vicytommy - i do not care for the font.
  • Hello, here is an updated version of #62, this proof uses a royal blue colour. Cheers. #73
  • About #63, @jla999 - can you change the color to a royal blue? Thx
    • @tracy1 Hello Tracy, I have uploaded a new logo design with the royal blue colour incorporated. #72, please let me know if you have any questions. Cheers.

  • feedback please #70
  • Love this icon/8. But it makes me think of medical yield... #64
  • Dear CH, Please find another modified design of my previous entries. #69
  • please give me fedback.. #61
    • About #61, @vicytommy -the design is clean, but almost too elegant. This business will focus on entertaining families, so looking for an element of fun.

  • Another design with a color change, #59
  • Dear CH, kindly go through this modification, I feel this has the right balance in all aspects. Thanks again for the rating, suggestion and feedback #58
  • Dear CH, i have submitted the design with the change you have suggested, kindly go through it, thanks #55
  • Can you show only the top circle with a speaker in it and remove the blue from top and remove speaker from bottom? #44
    • Sure, I will be back with the change About #44, @tracy1

  • I like how you softened the ends of the lines in this one. I would like to see how this symbol looks over the words. Thank you! #54
  • About #37, @YAD - I really like this and would like to see it in black and a version in white please.
    • YAD

      About #37, @tracy1 hello ch^^ sure no problem.. ill upload it asap

    • @YAD - thank you! You will be able to provide the symbol part of the logo as a deprecate file, for times when I want just the symbol as well as the full logo?

  • Hello CH, I submitted another entry which is number #51. Please let me know if you want me to fix/change anything. Thank you.
  • good design. #47
  • Dear CH, a design with modified speaker image , kindly go through it and please send me your feedback. Thanks #44
  • Can you also show black and white for when I am not using any color? Thank you. #39